In Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #41, the Amazonian Princess must once again face Cheetah, who escaped into Midway City during a prison transfer. All the while, she has to deal with the consequences that come with trying to keep a villain like Cheetah at bay.

Can Wonder Woman save the day? And if she does, can she keep human casualties to a minimum?

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #41 tackles these issues head on, but don't expect a happy ending after Wonder Woman saves the day. That's what makes this second part of "Our Little Dance" so intriguing: everything isn't wrapped up with a cute little bow.

This issue starts where #40 left off, with Cheetah beginning her escape while being transferred from Iron Heights prison. We hear the horror of the security guards over the police radio as the villain overtakes them. Wonder Woman then chases Cheetah down, in hopes of finding her before she can do more harm.

Once more, as in issue #40, writer Adam Beechen does a great job of setting up the story and showing us the true nature of Wonder Woman, highlighting how important compassion and justice are to her. Even as she's fighting Cheetah, she's appealing to Debbi – the human beneath Cheetah's exterior – begging her to take control of the dual personalities within her. Wonder Woman never gives up hope, even as she fights to save those Cheetah would harm — constantly seeing the good in Cheetah, in spite of her actions.

Of course, with this being a Wonder Woman title, we expect her to not only save the day, but to also save Cheetah. However, such is not the case — which makes this story particularly poignant.

This issue also brings back artwork by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, which portrays Wonder Woman as strong and fierce, but still manages to capture her compassionate side, even when she's covered in Cheetah's blood. The fight scene panels between Wonder Woman and Cheetah are full of action and you can visualize exactly how that battle goes down.

This is a great wrap-up to the two-part story started in issue #40. We now get to look forward to an all-new writer and artist in next week's issue, which will hopefully be able to follow the act of this story arc.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #41 is available now on ComiXology.







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