Grand Theft Auto Online for GTA V players always know how to have a good time. Now, developer Rockstar is giving them the tools to create even more mayhem and mischief to help celebrate Independence Day.

From July 1 to 6 on GTA Online, players can enjoy double RP, double cash and a whole batch of new July 4th themed items, including fireworks!

That's right: you can have your own firework show in Los Santos. Players can head down to their favorite AmmuNation store to buy the special explosives, which come in four different styles and in three different colors: red, white and blue. Once equipped, you can set up the fireworks via the interaction menu. Then all you have to do is run to a safe (or not so safe) distance and detonate them with a remote. You can even set the fireworks with timers to sequence an entire fireworks display.

Rockstar has plenty of other Independence Day goodies as well. Players can buy a special 'merica-themed monster truck named the Liberator at a discount price this weekend. Because it's a monster truck, it can basically trample just about anything and is especially good at climbing steep terrain. America!

A number of new weapons are also making their way into the game this weekend. The Fireworks Rocket Launcher is just that... a rocket launcher that shoots fireworks. Unlike a regular rocket launcher, this ones shells explode in pretty colors.

A musket has also been added to the game. While there are no redcoats to be found in GTA, you can still use the powerful rifle to bring down any NPC or player infringing on your God-given American rights. Just don't miss your shot — the musket has a lengthy reload time. 

Heading down to Los Santos Customs will let you install Star Spangled Banner horn sounds, as well as Star Spangled tire smoke for your vehicle. And last but not least, if you want to really celebrate America's birthday in style, you are going to need a party-approved haircut. Rockstar has added mullets to the game just for this reason.

Monster trucks, fireworks, guns and mullets. It doesn't get much more American than that. 

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