Microsoft Rebrands Xbox Entertainment Apps To Be Called Groove And Movies & TV


In it's quest to rebrand it's entertainment apps and services, Microsoft announced that its Xbox Music will now be known as Groove, and Xbox Video will now be called Movies & TV.

The decision to drop Xbox from the titles was previously made back in April when the apps were then referred to as Music and Video.

Now simply called Groove, Microsoft users will now have a more efficient and faster way to access their music.

"Groove describes what people feel and do with music, and is more intuitive for our Windows 10 customers on what they'll find with the app," Microsoft writes in a blog post.

The app features easy-to-use navigation controls and menus that work for both the keyboard and touch-screen devices. Users can do things like drag their favorite songs into playlists, and use a light or dark theme to capture their personality or current mood.

The music app will still offer many of the same features as Xbox Music. These include integration with OneDrive, which allows users to have all music stored in one location - even those in iTunes - to be accessed anytime for free on the Groove app on the web, Xbox, or Windows devices, and soon to phones.

Users can also stream music ad-free, download more than 40 million tracks from the Windows Store, and create radio stations for $9.99 a month or $99 a year. Those who already have an Xbox Music Pass will not have to pay again for the month or year for the name change.

In the rebranded Movies & TV app, users will be able to import videos or movies and rent or buy movies or TV series in HD from the Windows Store, which can then be accessed on most Windows 10 devices (besides Android and iOS devices) and Xbox consoles with the ability to pick up where you left off from another device.

Along with these entertainment changes, Windows 10 OS will also feature a new Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.

The changes to both Groove and Movies & TV will first roll on on the PC version of the operating system, followed by other devices when Windows 10 launches on July 29.

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