Microsoft is continuing to push its cloud first vision of the Internet and content as well as other storage options for users. This was spotlighted during the opening address at the annual TechEd conference in Houston, Texas. The weeklong event is a key place for companies to showcase new advancements and push additional understanding of their options for users.

The cloud focus came to a positive continuation of the company's continued push into the cloud sector and with the update of Azure in full swing to help secure the cloud service for all forms of mobile devices, Microsoft is focusing on the cloud idea in earnest.

The new update should allow users and organizations to have a one-stop data storage place for both public and hybrid cloud, enabling users to create more content that is easily accessed from multiple locations.

The move is seen as a way for Microsoft to continue to push into the business world, giving companies an easier way to store files and share data without having to have a separate database that requires multiple logins and larger storage facilities.

Opening the Houston conference, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson emphasized that cloud and mobile go hand-in-hand and that they are the future of modern Internet technology.

"You cannot have a cloud without a connected device," Anderson said. "As you think about the connected devices, without that cloud, all you have is potential that goes with it."

The Azure RemoteApp should be a boost for cloud offerings and could enhance already existing software and options available on the market.

But Microsoft has not said specifically when it will release the new offering, but the company is targeting the end of the year. "Every organization I talk to has a very large inventory of Windows applications they're looking to deliver to mobile devices," Anderson said.

"With Azure RemoteApp, users can scale up and down, so their capital expenditures goes down dramatically."

Microsoft lately announced its potential entrance into the smartphone market by acquiring much of Nokia's mobile portion of the company, believes that cloud and mobile technology are the future for the tech world and by entering now; they hope that they can continue to lead, especially on the cloud side of things.

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