Those who are passionate about health and fitness are probably no stranger to the many activity- tracking wearables and health apps that are available. Although you may log in your workouts and meals, it's easy to forget about one important nutritional aspect — taking your vitamins.

However, even if you leave out bottles as a reminder, there are many different vitamin and nutritional supplements to take to improve overall health.

Now, health seekers can easily take a combination of vitamins and minerals the body needs thanks to this smart appliance that dispenses personalized dietary supplements.

Passionate fitness fanatics that include a team of engineers, data scientists and nutritionists at FitNatic created an intelligent in-home supplement dispenser called Nourish that uses the consumer's unique health metrics to create a personal blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Nourish syncs with fitness trackers, health and nutrition apps to come up with an optimal combination of nutrients that is unique to each user. By using this data, the smart appliance can make a supplement cocktail based on individual goals and needs. The more devices and apps connected to the appliance, the smarter it becomes — which means it then can suggest the most accurate nutritional blend.

Consumers can download the Nourish App for both iOS and Android to monitor their nutrition goals and stay on track with meeting them. The app provides users with their personalized blend schedule, along with what nutrients their body needs and how they can improve their health. The app will then remind the user that it's time to drink their supplement blend.

Consumers can also customize their own blend, such as adding caffeine in the morning as a pick-me-up or making adjustments when fasting.

The appliance is a box made out of a special type of curved Gorilla Glass that is scratch-resistant and includes a vibrant 15-inch HD display touchscreen that displays health stats. The top of the box has a 16-slot seed reserve that uses a precision dispensing system to release the nutritional supplements.

The blend of supplements — in the form of a powder — is then dispensed into a pod, and the consumer can then squeeze it into a water bottle, shake and sip. The pod is a 70 g chamber that has a closed funnel and clear, flat base so that the consumer can easily put their mouth directly over a water bottle and squeeze the sides to dispense the contents without spilling.

Nourish can hold up to 16 "seeds" of supplements at a time (up to a month's supply), which is located in chambers on the top of the smart appliance. The seeds are filled with different nutrients, vitamins, minerals and herbs. All the ingredients are 100 percent natural, with no chemicals or additives.

FitNatic launched Nourish via a IndieGogo campaign, with a goal of $65,000 to get this smart appliance in the home of health conscious individuals. The early bird special of the Nourish is going for $299 plus shipping, with delivery expected for January 2016.

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