Nintendo Adds Camp Triggerfish To Splatoon Stage Rotation


Nintendo has unveiled a new map that is now added to the stage rotation of colorful shooter Splatoon, which sees gamers go to battle over bridges.

Gamers will have to cross the bridges to reach the bases of the opponents, which are protected with floodgates that hold a surprise for the games.

"Pack your knapsack because we're going to camp. Camp Triggerfish, that is!" a post on Splatoon's official Tumblr page reads, revealing the name of the new map.

In Camp Triggerfish, if the floodgates protecting bases are down, it is easier for players to enter and exit bases as they please. In the Turf War mode, the floodgates are only lowered once there is only a minute left on the game's clock, which sets up late-game attacks for teams to either chase down the score of their opponents or pad their lead even more. In this mode, teams win by covering more of the map with their own color.

In the Ranked Battle mode, the floodgates are down for the entire time, which means that there will be an all-out war for the duration of the battle.

In Tower Control, the path of the tower is almost always above water. Players will need to show off their best squid form skills to avoid being thrown overboard and into the water.

Camp Triggerfish has been already been added to Splatoon's stage rotation since July 24, so gamers can now go to camp and enjoy the new stage on the game.

Splatoon is a third-person shooter that was developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii U console. The game was launched in North America on May 29, and it has been picking up in popularity since then.

The characters of Splatoon are known as Inklings, which can transform from humanoid forms to squid forms. In humanoid forms, gamers can shoot paint in the color of their team to color the environment and "splat" enemies to send them back to their starting points. In squid form, they can hide and swim through the colored ink that is sprayed onto the surfaces of stages, replenishing their supply of paint in the process.

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