Streaming app AllCast finally gets compatible with Android devices, following the rollout of its partner app AllCast Receiver for Android to Google Play Store.

AllCast is a content-sharing app that allows beaming or casting of any content from the smartphone to smart televisions or set-top boxes, except previously for smartphones running the Android operating system. Now, it can flash those contents to different devices such as Android units by simply installing the companion app AllCast Receiver.  

With the Receiver app, nearly all-Android devices are supported, and that include set-top boxes such as Google TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, Android TV stick and Ouya. The streaming app can now send video content to an Android tablet for better viewing. In terms of streaming Play Music, a root is required from the host device first. Once rooted, the user can start with Play Music streaming to any device supported by AllCast app.

AllCast is said to be reminiscent of the previous CheapCast app that was taken off the market lately because changes applied to Chromecast system were said to have destroyed the workaround that the app developers were then using.

Koushik Dutta developed the AllCast app and announced sometime in December 2013 the said app's arrival at Google Play Store. More known as Koush to Android power community, he was extremely busy with the creation of the said app since his latest departure from Cyanogen Inc. in April.

"AllCast and Mirror for the immediate term. I have to start on a ROM Manager rewrite, which is long overdue. I also want to explore some ideas I've had around icon packs and widgets, and making the experience around them better," Dutta revealed to Android Police when asked about his future projects post-Cyanogen.

Dutta also shared what was his earlier vision for the AllCast primary app: "a device and cloud agnostic solution" for photo and video viewing on a TV set.

"I love the idea of being able to be at my friend's house, and then casting a movie from my Dropbox or Drive to their TV. I don't know what is connected to my friend's TV, but they probably have something supported by AllCast. That's what I would consider a 'wow' moment," he added.

AllCast was earlier called AirCast, which made illegal use of the Cast protocol of Google so as to stream local content from certain devices to Chromecast, until Google forced Dutta to do away with said functionality during the trial period of Chromecast SDK. It was previously in beta mode, allowing for local media contents to be moved to other devices such as Apple TV, Xbox consoles and Roku 3.

Before one can get AllCast Receiver app for free, the primary AllCast app must be installed first. AllCast's full version is priced at $4.99.

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