Catch Your First Look At The Zombies From 'The Walking Dead' Season 6


While it's true that the cast and characters of The Walking Dead is the main draw for many of the show's fans, they're far from the only reason to tune in every week.

Ever since the first season's debut, the team behind the series have created some of the best zombies to ever hit the screen. They may not break the mold, but the "walkers" are a showcase for some of the best undead makeup ever —The Walking Dead is far from just just another example of latex skin and fake blood. It helps the show stay convincing... and it provides plenty of fodder for our heroes to take apart.

With Fear the Walking Dead focusing on a story set during the earliest parts of the zombie outbreak, the spin-off's zombies aren't quite as mutilated as fans have come to expect. While these newer, fresher walkers aren't bad by any means, there are plenty of fans who prefer the rotten, decomposing undead of the main series. If you were worried that the walkers in the sixth season of The Walking Dead wouldn't measure up, the latest batch of photos should put those fears to rest.

Considering it's been six years since the zombie outbreak first began, it's understandable that many of the undead population are starting to show their age. Let's just put it this way: there is a lot of loose skin in these photos.

Again, it's a testament to just how good The Walking Dead's makeup team really is. Layering that much makeup on is both incredibly difficult and time-consuming — even without adding in the insane level of detail that the show is known for. They may not be as popular as the main cast, but the effects department deserves just as much credit for making the show what it is today.

Oh, and if you were wondering, there are a few pictures of those squishy humans thrown in for good measure.

2015 is looking good for zombie fans: Fear the Walking Dead is set to air on August 23, while the sixth season of The Walking Dead will follow on October 11.

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