Bill Nye is lending support to a Kickstarter campaign that aims to create a documentary film about him all by responding to mean tweets. More popularly known as the "Science Guy" loved by many, especially kids, Nye faced the harsh reality that not all are pleased by him.

A video posted on the Bill Nye Film YouTube channel features Nye answering unappealing tweets in front of the camera. The words used by the Twitter users were fairly rough, with lots of censored beeps heard all throughout the clip. The topics tackled by the people were varied, ranging from their opinions on climate change to evolution, which were both presented by Nye in the past. The Science Guy stood by his claims, although there was one tweet that made him extend an apology: the tweet that expressed the user's hate towards Nye's decision to name his 2014 book, "UndeNYEable," instead of "Undeniable." Some of the tweets may be considered just plain show of disgust towards the infamous Science Guy.

Nye took it quite well and with the said reading session, it is hoped that his Kickstarter campaign would rise to fame and plump up in support and funds. Many people were amused by his overall reactions to the tweets, which are surely not meant for weak-hearted people. Overall the Science Guy was totally up for it and as a result, he has only gained more popularity.

On Kickstarter, two of Nye's fans named David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg started a campaign to make a Bill Nye documentary possible. According to the page, the film will be about science and will feature Nye exclusively.

The people behind this project said that they have already formed a team, which is comprised of members with different roles, including Seth Gordon, their producer. The team aims to have an all-access pass to Nye's scientific conquests by following him on his worldwide tours and supporting him as he embarks on scientific missions such as satellite launch and space policy advocacy activities in Washington. The crew is also said to feature other events in Nye's life, including his interactions with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Through this, it is hoped that Carl Sagan, Nye's mentor, will be proud of his junior's endeavors.

The target amount of the Bill Nye Film Kickstarter campaign is $650,000. As of Thursday, Aug. 6, the pledges have reached $514,283 and the backers are now at its 10,032 mark. People can pledge $6 at the minimum but for those who will pledge an amount of $10, a Bill Nye emoji set awaits.

Photo: Ed Schipul | Flickr

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