The new Fantastic Four movie is clearly a disaster, so what will 20th Century Fox do about the planned 2017 sequel? Well, it seems there's a new plan being formulated that might focus on a Deadpool sequel rather than a Fantastic Four one.

According to a report from The Daily Superhero, it seems Fox is jubilant with what they have seen so far, and is ready to remove Fantastic Four 2 from its June 19, 2017 release date and replace it with Deadpool.

This would mean a Fantastic Four sequel would not make it to theaters in 2017 at all and might even end up in the reboot slot once more since the first one tanked so badly in the eyes of critics and at the box office.

The publication also claims that any potential Deadpool sequel might incorporate Cable, a popular character in the X-Men universe and one who is very closely affiliated with Deadpool.

If the rumor is true, it would mean that production on a Deadpool sequel would have to kickstart after the film releases in February in order to meet the July 9, 2017 deadline.

This shouldn't be too much of a problem since Ryan Reynolds is not a busy man when compared to other actors in the industry. Also, since he's such a huge fan of the character, he'd likely jump right in, especially if the movie turns out to be an enormous success.

Then again, we have to point out that rushing into things usually leaves a bad taste in the mouth, so we would rather see a Deadpool sequel in 2018 rather than 2017.

What Fox needs to do is get a good director to make a sequel to Fantastic Four. We know the studio is in no position right now to give the property back to Marvel, so better try a second time with the same cast to see if things can be turned around.

If not, then leave the 2017 window alone and move on to something else.

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