Cable and Deadpool. It's one of the most unlikely pairings among all of Marvel Comics' five-thousand-character catalog. Think of it as a "buddy cop" partnership in superhero-sized trappings.

Cable is the super-serious warrior from the distant future (who was actually born in the here and now — just don't even) with telekinetic abilities, hardcore soldier/warrior skills, and a body that's half made up of Cyborg-like techno machinery. Although that last part was "cured" recently, and now he's all organic. Probably.

Deadpool is the motormouth mercenary who's more or less insane. But he possesses incredible fighting skills and the ability to rapidly heal any injury, like Wolverine. He also has a wicked sense of humor, and a tendency to break the fourth wall and speak directly to the reader.

Both are mutants, but they're on opposite ends of the temperament spectrum. Which is probably why putting them together in a comic book worked so well, way back in 2004. That was when the world was graced with the popular Cable & Deadpool, which ran for fifty issues and scored with critics and fans alike. It wasn't canceled for poor sales, either. The title was ended to make way for a different editorial direction that saw both characters getting new solo books.

A reunion is long overdue, and the powers that be have decided that the time is right. The name-reversed Deadpool & Cable: Split Second arrives in October in Marvel's digital format, Infinite Comics, with a print version following in December. The story finds Cable determined to protect a man whose death could set off a terrible future, with Deadpool being the assassin targeting that same man.

Deadpool & Cable: Split Second is coming at you from the original Cable & Deadpool writing team of Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown, and pencils by Brown, a fact that may the best news of all to fans. Though billed as a six-issue series (which translates to just three in print), you can bet that Marvel will bring the duo back full time if sales go through the roof.

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