Microsoft has announced that a new build is now available to be explored by Fast Ring users of its Insiders program.

Dubbed Build 10525, Microsoft said it is the first new build following the release of Windows 10, and it brings in two major tweaks to the OS, namely additional color options and memory enhancements.

"This is our first new build since the release of Windows 10, and I'm very happy to talk about one new thing that you'll see because it really highlights both how your feedback influences the product development as well as illustrating how some things will get implemented at different times depending on when we're trying to stabilize and drive quality vs. when we're open for new feature work," says Gabriel Aul, VP of Microsoft's WDG Engineering Systems team, in a blog post.

The new color options work in the same way as in Windows 8.1, where users can choose a color to create a more personalized user experience. Changing the color can be done by clicking either the start menu or the bars of windows that are open. While the tweak may not seem like a big deal to some, it's still a relevant change for those who believe that Windows 10 should work harder on expressing users' own individuality.

"We got a lot of feedback on the default color for Start, Action Center, Taskbar, and Title bars and that you wanted to be able to change to reflect your preferences," Aul says.

While the feature is turned off by default, Microsoft said that users can easily turn it on by doing three simple steps: toggling Settings, choosing personalization and choosing colors.

The second change adds a new concept known as "compression store" to the Memory Manager. Microsoft describes the compression store as an in-memory collection of pages that it has compressed. It works by compressing unused pages as opposed to writing them to disk any time that the Memory Manager senses a sort of memory pressure.

"This reduces the amount of memory used per process, allowing Windows 10 to maintain more applications in physical memory at a time. This also helps provide better responsiveness across Windows 10," Microsoft says.

However, there are certain areas that Microsoft has yet to address with the release of the new build. Users who intend to join the program should take note that the build doesn't support mobile hotspots. An issue is also found with video playback, which requires an update to the Movies & TV app from the Store. Finally, optional languages packs will not be available at the initial launch, although Microsoft promises to make them available before the week ends.

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