WWDC 2014: What we should and shouldn't expect from Apple on Monday


Already, there are many experts and observers expecting great things from Apple at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which begins Monday. The conference is usual the place where innovative and new products and ideas are put forward to the general public. It is what many think of when they see the late Steve Jobs speaking on the latest laptop or smartphone idea in his black turtleneck.

The conference received a media push this past week after Senior Vice President Eddy Cue was able to get the tech world whetting its appetite for what to expect, with him telling followers on the micro-blogging site Twitter that this is the best assortment of products in his 25 years at the company.

"Later this year, we've got the best product pipeline that I've seen in my 25 years at Apple," Cue said.

Many hope that the Silicon Valley-based company will be launching, or at least teasing about upcoming launches, of a new array of products that the world has not yet seen before. Much as they did years ago with the iPhone, some experts want to believe that Cue's comments are not empty promises for simply updated versions of existing products.

With Apple recently announcing its push into the smart home sector, there is a plethora of options and ideas floating around, but the likelihood of smart home dominating is unlikely.

The beginning of the conference begins with speakers who are expected to talk about expected launches and previews of products.

There are rumors currently abounding throughout the tech mediasphere and some of those revolve around the possibility of the company unveiling its deal to acquire Beats Electronics, the launch of OS 10.0 and iOS 8. But those are rumors and the company is keeping hush on what they are truly going to show the world next week.

That appears to be the concrete buzz, with CEO Tim Cook expected to talk about the Beats purchase in depth at the conference.

Still, with Cue's talk, it has given credit to the idea that Apple could unveil new concepts and even new products that could wow the conference. The company has largely been updating existing products for the past few years and many experts say that they are losing their edge. In order to regain that edge in the market, most believe that if the company lives up to Cue's belief, it could be a great upcoming few months for the company.

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