Mohammad Abad, the man who received bionic penis, has revealed on television that he is hoping to have kids in the future.

In an interview with ITV's This Morning show, he detailed how his surgery has changed his life and that he is looking forward to finally lose his virginity. He hopes that his good sperm count and newly implanted manhood may help him become a father soon.

Abad, 43, said that he still hasn't engaged in sexual intercourse yet but claimed that having kids may be an absolute potentiality in the future. He revealed that he is still a virgin but that is something he is not intending to pursue any longer.

According to the doctors of Abad, they are positive that their patient can indeed have children. Abad's sperm count has already been examined and as per the test results, he is doing well. Abad still possesses one testicle, meaning he still has the ability to generate sperm and hence, be a father.

A medical appointment has been set on the first day of October for Abad to discuss with his doctors regarding the future interventions that they plan to do. Abad added that his doctors is well aware of his sperm and testosterone count.

Abad lost his genitals in a car crash when he was just six years old. Over the past years, he had gone under the knife for several times to repair his injuries. During those years, the doctors created a new scrotum using his severed penis. They also obtained some skin from Abad's arms to cover his bionic penis. In July 2015, he underwent a reconstruction surgery.

The bionic penis that Abad now dons contains two tubes under the skin. The tubes inflate upon pressing a small "on" button" situated in one of his testicles. Through this action, Abad's penis goes into erection.

Abad also disclosed that he had to maintain his new penis erect for two weeks after the surgery. He was discharged from the hospital on July 10, 2015 and went home back in Scotland. He said that he had to do it so that it would heal. He added, however, that he has managed to devise a way so that it won't be noticeable.

In August 2015, Abad revealed that he is single and that his former wife left him before he got his bionic penis. The wife eventually got tired of waiting for them to be able to build their own family. Abad did not tell his then wife about his condition until during their wedding night. Now, Abad promised to be truthful with women in the future. "I've learnt the hard way, to be honest," he said. "I've got something to show for it now."

Photo: Brian Moore | Flickr

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