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Older Dads? More New Fathers In America Over The Age Of 40

Stanford University researchers found that the paternal age of men in the United States increased in the last 44 years. The number of fathers in America over the ages of 40 and 50 has increased as well.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 1, 2017

New Fathers Undergo Hormonal Changes To Boost Baby Care, Says Study

Hormonal changes that accompany childbirth are not restricted to just mothers. A new study says fathers can also undergo changes, showing how empathy increased when fathers were administered the hormone oxytocin.

Neuroscience February 21, 2017

Teen Boy's Attitude Towards Risky Sex, Pregnancy And Birth Control Predicts What Kind Of Father He Will Be

It is possible to determine if male teens will live with their future children. Their attitudes toward risky sex, pregnancy and birth control could predict patterns of fatherhood in the future.

Society February 17, 2016

Grim Dawn Developers Create NPC To Immortalize Fan Who Died Of Lung Cancer

Action RPG 'Grim Dawn' has added a new character on guard duty. Here's the story of how Praetorian Zedlee became the latest honorable member of the Black Legion.

Geek December 18, 2015

Vin Diesel Asked Ronda Rousey To Teach His Daughter Judo

Vin Diesel is a father who wants to make sure his 7-year-old daughter can stand up for herself. He turns to a good friend to train her in judo.

Movies/TV Shows October 25, 2015

Man Who Received 'Bionic' Penis Hoping To Have Kids In The Future

The man who received a bionic penis recently revealed that he is now looking at being a father someday. According to his doctor, his sperm count is good, making fatherhood a possibility for him.

Life September 16, 2015

Dad Bod Really Exists: First-Time Dads Gain Weight, Confirms New Study

A recent study conducted by Northwestern University researchers suggests that men who become fathers experience weight gain and an increase in their BMI rating.

July 23, 2015

Experts Urge Men To Freeze Sperm When They Turn 18

A new study suggests that men should think of freezing their sperm when they turn 18 to avoid the possibility of their offspring having genetic disorders.

Life June 26, 2015

15 Best Movies About Fatherhood To Watch With Dad On Father's Day

Watch these movies with Dad on Father's Day to show him how much you care.

Internet Culture June 12, 2015

Secret Baby? Chris Brown Is A Daddy To 9-Month-Old Baby Girl Named Royalty

And his baby mama certainly isn't his on-again/off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Movies/TV Shows March 5, 2015

How a young daughter convinced dad to step down as CEO of a trillion-dollar firm

Mohamed El-Erian, CEO of PIMCO, quit the corporate world full time when his own 10-year-old daughter presented him a list of 22 milestones in her life that he had so far missed.

Internet Culture September 30, 2014

CEO calls it quits to spend more time with his family

After doing some soul-searching, CEO Max Schireson decided that the long work hours and constant travel required of a CEO wasn't allowing him to be the dad he needed to be. So he quit.

Internet Culture August 6, 2014

His wife didn't want to take maternity pictures, so he took her place

When one man's wife didn't want to take part in a traditional maternity photoshoot, her husband decided he would just do it himself. These are the results.

Internet Culture July 30, 2014

Young dads are prone to post-partum depression, too: Study

The spike in depressive symptoms among men during the early years of fatherhood suggests they also are prone to depression after baby arrives. The study suggests appropriate interventions may improve the whole family's situation.

Life April 14, 2014

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