Telltale Games, the game publisher for Minecraft, has announced the scheduled release for the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, which was previously showcased during last month's PAX Prime held in Seattle, Washington.

Minecraft: Story mode is an episodic adventure game as the title suggests, and it will keep the familiar graphics as well as the crafting and building features that Minecraft is known for.

Minecraft: Story mode follows the same aggregated narrative format, which Telltale has done with other game titles it launched: such as The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands.

Mojang's new game features collecting items, solving puzzle and talking to NPCs in order to trigger events to progress to a later stage. Decisions made and actions done change the story arc of the future events to unfold.

The game centers on the adventures of Jesse, who can either be a male or female depending on the player's choice, and friends. 

In Episode 1: "The Order of the Stone," Jesse and companions will try to save the Minecraft world by finding The Order of the Stone

Behind Jesse's voice is Patton Oswalt, the same actor who dubbed on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Ratatouille, while the female version is played by Catherine Taber, from Marvel Heroes and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The voices of Scott Porter, Billy West, Brian Posehn, Dave Fennoy, Paul Reubens, Martha Plimpton, Corey Feldman, and Ashley Johnson will also be featured.

The first season of Minecraft: Story mode is spread to five episodes. Episode 1: "The Order of the Stone" will be available for PC, Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox one and Xbox 360 on Oct. 13; while users of compatible mobile devices running on iOS and Android-based systems can download the game on Oct. 15. Purchases can be made through Telltale's online portal, Steam and other digital software retailers.

Telltale also plans on porting the game to Wii U and PS Vita but has not finalized any details regarding the release dates for both platforms yet.

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