A new tool has been developed to analyze a mobile phone user's mood to determine a musical playlist that suits his or her feelings. The HTC Mood player works with Spotify to analyze your selfie and determine what songs to play based upon your emotions.

Sometimes, we're in a certain kind of mood, and though we're up for some tunes, don't know what type of music we'd like to listen to, or even what it is exactly that we're feeling. Now, HTC and Spotify have teamed up to create a tool that can analyze a user's mood based on a selfie and then create a playlist that fits the listener's feelings.

When you upload your selfie to the HTC Mood Player, it automatically scans it via facial analysis for signs of how you are feeling. Whether you're angry, sad or happy, the Mood Player tool will detect your mood and provide a suggested playlist on Spotify.

Spotify's vice president and head of global agency and partnerships, Alex Underwood, said: "At Spotify we love working with partners that provide, or enable, music fans with the opportunity to create the best listening experience. The HTC Mood Player, which matches music to your mood wherever you are, is a truly innovative and ground-breaking way of doing this."

While the Mood Player gets you started, you can then tweak your personalized playlist further by answering a series of queries about your mood. Are you more sad or happy, more stressed or peaceful, or our favorite, "more fed up or more amazed?" Each tweak changes the selections and content to more closely suit the feelings described.

The president of Europe, Middle East and Africa at HTC, Phil Blair, concurred, adding that the company's goal is to give customers the best mobile experience that fits their individual tastes and personality. He included that Spotify was the ideal partner for HTC as it offers a wide range of musical styles with more than 75 million genres.

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