Bill Nye, the infamous "Science Guy" has released a new video on Tuesday, Sept. 22. The video, which was published under Big Think, defends women's reproductive rights and how they should be given the absolute free will to do what they want with their bodies.

Nye started off by discussing the claims of activists against abortion and its supporters. According to him, conception is initiated right after a sperm fertilizes an egg and that the subsequent result of this act must be safeguarded as per anti-abortion believers.

However, Nye said that this premise denotes a "deep scientific misunderstanding." For him, it looks as if people [anti-abortion activists] literally have no idea about their claims. As a matter of fact, experts have discovered that only about 50 percent of eggs that undergo fertilization can follow suit and successfully encompass the entire phases of pregnancy.

"When it comes to women's rights with regards to their reproduction, I think you should leave it to women," he said. While Nye expressed sympathy for those who have unwavering faith to their religious beliefs, he said that the books from which these beliefs were rooted from were written so many centuries ago. These things were written for the people of those times, who have different list of priorities thus, these teachings may not be used in today's world anymore. According to him, writing laws based from those beliefs is incompatible with nature.

In the end, Nye pushed people to consider the facts and rely on science, which has paved the way for humanity to understand the ins and outs of conception and life development in the first place. He further explained that nobody likes abortion but then, people could not tell other people what to do; women have rights over this issue. "She doesn't want anything to do with your genes." he said. "Get over it."

Nye became popular in the 1990s for hosting a science show for kids. He continues to stay in the limelight by expressing his takes on different scientific issues such as climate change and evolution education in schools, the latest of which is about abortion.

Here is the video:

Photo: Big Think | YouTube

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