Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have already been released in most Western countries. So far, most reviews say these new flagship devices from Apple work perfectly, but a thread on Reddit has made quite a buzz as a few iPhone users report they have been experiencing overheating issues that prevent the camera flash from working until the phone cools down. 

A Reddit user with the handle bcarp914 wanted to know if anyone else on the thread noticed if their new iPhones had been overheating.

"I've never had this problem with my 6 Plus. I live in Tucson, but it was a cool 88°F at the time I was trying to take pictures," wrote user bcarp914. "The phone hadn't been used for anything intensive or demanding prior to trying to take pics, just cruising through Facebook randomly."

The commenter even backed his comment with a screenshot of the error message that appeared on his device while trying to take a photo.

"Flash is disabled," reads the message. "The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash."

Other users also commented on the thread, noting that they noticed their new iPhones getting hot when downloading music from the iCloud library or when installing applications on their new device.

Some commenters, however, think that background apps seem to be the culprit for this issue.

The newly released iPhone 6s is deemed as the most important iPhone release yet since the original iPhone was introduced. This is because iPhone 6s boasts of 3D Touch, a new input method which offers a new way to interact with smartphones.

Meanwhile, we earlier reported that the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus managed to log an impressive 13 million sales upon the release of these handsets in stores on Friday, Sept. 25, making it a new record for Apple.

These devices can be purchased online, via Apple Store locations, retail partners which include Walmart, Target and Best Buy, as well as carrier stores.

Apple also revealed that its new handsets will be hitting stores on Oct. 9 in 40 additional countries, including Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Russia, Italy and more.

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