After days of speculation, NASA announced evidence of flowing natural water on Mars in an official statement.

The announcement was teased over the weekend, and now the governmental space organization has confirmed that there is, in fact, evidence of flowing water on the Red Planet. 

The discovery of this evidence was speculated over the weekend, stemming from recent observations and findings from the Mars Rover, which had sent back images that more or less confirmed the existence of flowing salt water down inclining terra and slopes; the briny water might also account for the seasonal dark strips that can be seen from the planet's surface.

Scientists have known for years that water exists on Mars, but only in the form of ice -- for example, the planet's polar caps, as well as frozen puddles that were found by the Mars Rover in April 2015. But this particular Rover find will mark the first time moving, flowing water has been confirmed; inasmuch to this, the water is most likely unfrozen due to the higher concentration of salt contained in the liquid, which staves off solidity due to freezing or sub-zero temperatures. 

So what does flowing water mean to us on Earth, exactly? Myriad possibilities, including possible future colonization, if indeed Mars' water can be an imperative, life-giving source. 

You can watch the press conference here.


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