American Horror Story showrunner Ryan Murphy has released the opening credits sequence to the series' latest season, which will premiere in less than a week, giving fans a look at what exactly is going down in Hotel Cortez this season.

Like the seasons before it, the main title sequence for AHS: Hotel is so creepy that we are already left extremely terrified.

We already learned from a previous teaser that guests should never look under the bed, and this sequence shows us that, even if you stay tucked in and eyes shut, that won't prevent the ghouls from coming out of the mattress to get you in your sleep.

However, there us no escaping the hands of the hotel — literally. We see scenes that include hands coming through the walls, kids coming out of the bed and ghosts floating around.

Then, there's the fact Murphy has gone complete Redrum on us. There are blood strains on the carpet, and even the walls seem to be dripping red. We also see one mad hand maniacally scrubbing the walls with blood as if it is repainting the room.

We can't help but to think of The Shining while watching the opening credits, reminding us just how much we hate hotel hallways and creepy children who always seem to be running down them.

If that isn't bone-chilling enough, then look out for people who turn into skeletons. In fact, we see skeletons more than once in the trailer, which has us wondering about the importance of the bones.

Murphy has said before that the opening credits are filled with clues, so things like gas masks, stitches and skeletons have all raised our suspicions about them playing a role in the storyline. We also see the children followed by ugly creatures during the credits, which makes us wonder if this is teasing the storyline of these little devils.

Try not to get freaked out while watching the opening credits below. AHS: Hotel season 5 premieres Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. EDT on FX.

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