Apple users have had a lot of issues with the iOS 9 release, from significant device slowdowns to the Wi-Fi Assist issue. Will iOS device users need to be concerned about privacy as well?

Those who are planning to buy a new mobile device from Apple or have recently acquired one may want to read the iCloud terms and conditions that came with it. The fine print was updated prior to the release of the latest iPhone.

Apparently, Apple not only enabled Wi-Fi Assist by default, causing data consumption issues, but took it upon itself to turn on almost every aspect of iCloud, except for Keychain, which saves passwords and credit card numbers, and email sync. Hence, during setup, devices running on iOS 9 will automatically connect to the cloud service without first prompting the user.

"iCloud is automatically enabled when you are running devices on iOS 9 or later and sign in with your Apple ID during device setup, unless you are upgrading the device and have previously chosen not to enable iCloud," writes Apple in the revamped terms and conditions.

With iCloud enabled, a user's messages, calendar, contacts, notes, pictures and more are automatically copied to iCloud servers.

"When iCloud is enabled, your content will be automatically sent to and stored by Apple, so you can later access that content or have content wirelessly pushed to your other iCloud-enabled devices or computers," Apple adds.

On releases prior to the iOS 9, users have always been asked whether to turn off iCloud during service or to have it on.

"We take privacy very seriously," said the late Steve Jobs in an interview five years ago during the D8 conference. "Ask them, ask them every time. Make them tell you to stop asking them if they get tired of you asking them. Let them know, precisely, what you're gonna do with their data."

As it seems, Tim Cook is straying away from Steve's "old-fashioned" way of handling user data. It's not about turning on iCloud, which can ease file backup and locate lost devices, it's having the decency to ask.

Nonetheless, users can still turn off iCloud through the Settings app.

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