Bold, striking and intimidating are only a few words to describe the 2015 GMC Sierra Denali, so imagine seeing your little kid cruise around in a realistic miniature version of it in all its robust glory.

It's a completely cooler way to spend playtime.

GMC designed this all-electric mini pickup truck to run at the speed of 5 miles per hour in forward drive and 2.5 miles per hour in reverse. The battery life lasts for up to two hours if you charge it for 12 hours with an AC adapter.

The 130-pound mini replica of the Sierra Denali is packed with actual chrome-plated wheels, rubber traction strips on tires and LED headlights. The truck even has its own built-in dual stereo system that can play music from smartphones. It also generates realistic horn sounds and engine roars.

Complete with even the tiniest details from the original GMC Sierra Denali, the mini pickup truck includes a tailgate meant for hauling objects. The sideview mirrors fold in to prevent damage from big wheel drivers. Each side of the mini pickup truck has doors that open to allow two children to sit inside.

GMC produced an environment- and kid-friendly electric pickup truck that can be bought at $450, a mere fraction of the price of the real Sierra Denali.

With the advent of electric cars, will we be able to see more miniature versions of original automobiles on the road?

Probably not, but interestingly, what makes an electric car a preferred choice for speedsters is its electric motor. The motor boosts the car's torque, resulting in smoother acceleration.

Scientists are also looking into the environmental effects of using these electric cars. Reports say the reduction in greenhouse gases of 550 metric tons per year will occur if the electrification of vehicles is pushed through.

The use of electric cars is indeed a cleaner and more efficient, albeit partial, solution to growing environmental problems. However, one concern is that millions of vehicles will have to run on electricity. Electric vehicle owners know that it is sometimes difficult to find electric charge stations to plug into. The power needed to charge these vehicles must be readily available.

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