In some alternate dimension, that headline might be normal. In our reality, it's an unholy union that man is not meant to grasp.

It goes like this: KFC and DC Comics are doing a partnership/promo thing that's resulted in a free comic book that stars Kentucky Fried Chicken founder and creator of the Secret Recipe™, Colonel Harland Sanders (the fact that he's been dead for 35 years is an insignificant detail). It's not even the Norm McDonald version that's currently starring in KFC's (equally odd) TV commercials.

DC brings Green Lantern and the Flash to the party, and Captain Cold helps out with the villainy. However, the story is really about Colonel Sanders vs. Colonel Sunder. That's Sanders' evil double from Earth-3, the world where good and evil are reversed and home of the Justice League's vile mirror, the Crime Syndicate.

Colonel Sunder, it seems, is as successful as his counterpart, but he's made his fortune by making bad chicken "the easy way." Colonel Sanders is famous on our world for making good chicken "the hard way" (raise your hand if you can see where this is going).

It unfolds in a DC Comic called "The Colonel of Two Worlds," which will be given away to attendees of New York Comic Con this weekend, and for free online to everyone else via comiXology. The issue is written by Tony Bedard with art by Tom Derenick, and it serves as a sequel to the San Diego Comic-Con freebie issue, which was part of yet another bizarre promotion by the chicken chain. Who can forget those bizarre Colonel Sanders statues cosplaying, while providing free Wi-Fi?

THR has a four-page preview of the issue online now.

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