Thought You Knew How To Google? Google Releases New Videos Teaching You How To Take Full Advantage Of Search


Google is always on the move! Recently, it rolled out three sets of amazing new features. To help users catch up, Google has come up with three YouTube videos.

 Halloween, Meet the Google App

Google's excited for Halloween and it just dropped an awesome set of scary-fun features to try for the season.

Key in or use Google Open Mic to say "Play Scary Music" and the app will play chilling sounds to scare children and adult scaredy-cats. If you are on-the-go and need to catch the pirate store, simply ask Google "What time does the pirate store close?" and you will get your answer.

Google Search smoothly syncs with your Google Calendar app. If you or your friend has noted your Halloween party details in the calendar, you can simply type "When is my Halloween party" on the Search app. You will be given full details.

Google even answers basic Halloween questions such as "How do I make fake blood?" or "How old is too old for trick or treat?"

Breakfast, Meet the Google App

Google is even making your breakfast more organized. You can key in or voice search common breakfast questions such as "How long does milk last?" or "How do you say breakfast in Korea?"

You can also ask Google about nutrition facts. Google search seamlessly integrates with maps so you can also key in, "breakfast burritos nearby" to locate the nearest and tastiest burritos around.

Moving, Meet the Google App

Like opening a digital directory, you can ask Google "What time does Goodwill close?" You can also type in "moving company nearby."

You can also type or Voice Search a location and ask Google for directions.

Google search now syncs with Gmail so you can also key in "When does my baggage arrive?"

Apart from what is shown in the videos, Google Open Mic on Android can also send messages, call, open Spotify and discuss the weather.

Google voice search—and at some point the whole Google Search—works best with establishments with English names.

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