GE rolls out cheaper Link smart light bulb


Smart Home Appliances are in these days. It may still be a young industry but more tech companies and manufacturers are already joining the bandwagon.

GE recently launched a new light bulb that connects to a smartphone. Thomas Edison's invention is getting "smarter" in this day and age, thanks to GE engineers who added a chip to each bulb.

The smart LED light bulb can connect to the Internet. With the help of an app installed on one's smartphone or tablet, a person can control the bulb remotely. Turn it on and off even when outside the house as long as the Link light bulb is connected to Wi-Fi.

The Link Light bulb is only one of the many smart home appliances in the lineup. GE and collaborative design company Quirky are both working on a line of smart appliances that connect to the Internet. There's the light bulb and the Aros air conditioner among others.

The Link may not be the first of its kind but GE says it is the first to be "commercially viable." Philips already introduced the Hue bulb earlier but it's a bit pricey. Meanwhile, the Link smart bulb is expected to attract more attention with the low price point. Still higher compared to ordinary light bulbs but remember the Link can last for more than 20 years.

GE's Link LED Bulb is already up for pre-order at With a $15 starting price, the bulb could easily become a bestseller. Buying a piece could be the beginning of a smarter home for everyone.

The wireless lighting system is still in its early stage. At present, GE is challenging Philips. GE would win because of the Link bulb's affordability. Philips Hue was introduced with a $200 price tag. Compare that to the $15 Link, GE is clearly the winner.

The GE Link light bulb only works with the Wink app developed by Quirky. It's available for download from Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS, respectively. Since it's app-enabled, don't be surprised if hacks will soon come out.

GE is making the Link light bulb available in the United States soon but no information when it will be released elsewhere.

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