We've seen our share of "Adventure Time" tie-in comic flops, but this is important. A miniseries is underway and it focuses on none other than the Ice King.

Oh my glob.

"Adventure Time: Ice King" is the first-ever comic book to spotlight the princess-crazed frenemy (because let's face it, villains are overrated).

Emily Partridge, "Adventure Time" storyboard artist, writes the six-part miniseries, while Natalie Andrewson ("Lumberjanes," "Marceline Gone Adrift") creates the artwork. The cover for the first issue, however, is done by Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline.

For $4, fans will get a 32-page, full-color copy of the much-awaited comic. Those who subscribe to the miniseries will receive a variant cover by Corin Howell and an incentive variant by Wyeth Yates. The spinoff will be published by KaBoom, a Boom Studios imprint.

An exclusive report has released a gallery of all the covers.

The first issue is expected to hit the shelves in January 2016.

Fans may know the quirky Ice King as Simon Petrikov, a young man studying to be an antiquarian. Petrikov bought an unknown crown in Northern Scandinavia. Then he put it on to make his fiancée, Betty, laugh, but then he suffered a blackout and had strange visions.

Petrikov eventually turned into the self-proclaimed "King of Ice" and "Ruler of the Ice Kingdom." The Ice King's crown holds his magical powers, so without it, he is rendered helpless. The crown is the bane of the Ice King's existence, as it is the cause of his loss of sanity and transformation into a wizard, albeit a very bad one.

The Ice King's typical evil plot involves kidnapping a princess, and the typical hero-ish role of Finn and Jake involves thwarting the Ice King's plans. The Ice King's misery is enhanced by his being misunderstood often, leading him to be somewhat of a tragic hero as seen in episodes such as "I Remember You" and "Mortal Recoil."

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