[Warning: possible spoilers ahead.]

If you're an Adventure Time regular, this bit of news might make you scream "oh my glob!" in delight: it looks like we're finally getting an in-depth look at the backstory of the popular character Marceline, with an entire miniseries dedicated to the vampire queen.

At last weekend's New York Comic Con, Adventure Time executive producer Adam Muto announced the eight-part standalone series, citing it as a "longer form event." Titled "Stakes," the multipart narrative will fill in a number of untold chunks from Marceline's character history, including how she acquired her vampire powers.

Muto premiered the first two episodes of "Stakes" at NYCC, which gave critics and other members of the press an idea of the miniseries' arc.

The momentum of "Stakes" is carried by a present narrative, in which Princess Bubblegum, Marceline's pal (and possible girlfriend) creates a potion that can rid the bass-wielding bloodsucker of her vampire-ness. In an effort to "grow up" and the desire to become mortal—that is, human—Marceline drinks the concoction.

What follows is a series of flashbacks, including a first glimpse of Marceline's mother, who has only been mentioned so far in the episodes "Henchman" (in which Marceline recalls a childhood memory of scraping her knee, and how she felt better once her mother bandaged it), and "Farmworld," which lead fans to speculate if her mother is actually a human herself. Marceline's mother will be voiced by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, who also served as a past storyboard artist and writer for Adventure Time; in addition to this, an original music composition by Sugar will also be featured on the show.

As per Adventure Time custom, the thematically complex episodes will also be jam-packed with, well, adventure: while waiting to see if Princess Bubblegum's vampirism antidote will work, Marceline's father, the ghastly Vampire King, will be prepping to take over the Land of Ooo once and for all—putting Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Finn, Jake and Co. in mortal peril.

Cartoon Network's Adventure Time will debut its seventh season on Nov. 2., while "Stakes" will premiere on Nov. 14.

Rock out to this Marceline sing-along, which also premiered at NYCC 2015, in the clip below.

Marceline Sing-a-Long just premiered at New York Comic Con!

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