GIF enthusiasts now have a much easier and faster way to create GIFs with the launch of the new GIF creation tools by Giphy.

The company has just released a fresh new set of user-friendly GIF creation tools in a bid to become the initial go-to site of both private and business-minded users who are looking into creating their GIFs faster and incredibly easier.

"We've been using a lot of tools internally and seen what else is going on in the market, and it was a culmination of all those things for us to make it what we wanted it to be - we wanted to find exactly the best way to make this. We wanted to give people the easiest and best way to create GIFs," said Adam Leibsohn, COO of Giphy.

When using Giphy's GIF making tool, users can start by grabbing a YouTube link that they intend to convert into a GIF and then drag and drop the link into the uploader. The next thing to do is to pick the start and end points of the video. It's also possible to add tags or a text caption when creating one's GIF.

Another way of creating is by using the new Slideshow tool where users can combine several images, videos and even GIFs and then create a single GIF out of the combination. This type of tool works similar to the GIF Maker although in this case, according to Giphy, users are not obliged to create by using an existing video file or GIF just to be able to start using the feature.

The company explains the feature in a statement which said, "Drag and drop still images onto the Slideshow page to create a simple but powerful slideshow GIF. You can also add pre-existing GIFs to your slideshow in order to add a little something extra!"

Lastly, Giphy has given its uploader tool a makeover which now allows users to upload a slew of GIFs all at once.

Launched in 2013, Giphy has successfully raised $17 million and now has a valuation of $80 million. Giphy's big plan, according to Leibsohn, is to become a full-on media company.

"So, we'll essentially become this one-stop shop to find and distribute and host and create," said Leibsohn.

The newly launched tools are now available free of charge at Giphy's official site.

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