No matter what type of match you'd like to have, chances are the upcoming WWE 2K16 will have it on its Oct. 27 release date.

YouTube user, CMPuLs3, released gameplay footage of the main menu in the highly-anticipated game, flipping through every type of match possible on Wednesday. It's safe to say that WWE 2K16 has you covered.

From the very first match selection screen, gamers can select from a host of main choices, including: One on One, Two on Two, Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, 6-Man, Royal Rumble, Tournaments and a Handicap match. From there, each one of the match categories break down into subcategories with variations.

For instance, by selecting One on One, you'll be hit with more options for the types of One on One matches that you can compete in. There's your Normal One on One match, Extreme Rules, Ladder Match, Falls Count Anywhere, Table Match, TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs), Iron Man, No Holds Barred, Steel Cage, Submission, Last Man Standing and Hell in a Cell.

Within the Two on Two category, gamers can choose from: Normal, Elimination Tag, Extreme Rules, Elimination Tornado Tag, Steel Cage and Hell in a Cell.

You can choose from One on Two or One on Three Handicap matches, while Gold Rush, King of the Ring and Tag Team are the three different types of Tournaments you can go through.

Selecting the 6-Man option will let you choose fan favorites like the Elimination Chamber and Battle Royal within it. The Royal Rumble can be set to have 10, 20 or 30 Superstars.

For a full look at every variation of all match types included, check out CMPuLs3's exclusive video.

If you can name a match that WWE 2K16 is missing, you're either the most hardcore pro-wrestling fan ever or just hard to please. Which is it?

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