In Star Wars Battlefront, one of the game modes fans anticipate the most is called Fighter Squadron.

It's exactly what it sounds like: team-based dogfighting, Rebels versus Empire style. In ground battles, hitting a high kill streak will unlock a power-up that lets you play as a major Star Wars character like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader for a short time period. Fighter Squadron offers something very similar, only instead of picking up a character, you get to fly a "hero" vehicle.

Rebels get to pilot the Millennium Falcon, while Imperials can snag Slave I. Each one comes with huge advantages, being considerably faster and stronger than your standard X-Wing or TIE Fighter. Just like with the hero characters, you get just one spawn before you're shunted back into an ordinary fighter.

The thing is, being more powerful creates a great big target on your back. You get to fly around and take out other ships with ease, but being inside such a coveted ship means that everyone else in the game is going to come at you the second they spot you.

"During playtests," DICE's Björn Sundell, senior designer on Battlefront, told PlayStation Blog, "we've noticed how excited players get to be [as] the one taking down the Millennium Falcon or Slave I."

It sounds like it comes down to bragging rights — which anybody who's ever played a multiplayer game knows, is all important.

Sundell offered a recommended strategy for those who find themselves up against the Falcon or Slave I. He said to stay behind the other ship and try to team up with other players against them. Crevices on a planet's surface can also be used to shake the Falcon or Slave I off your tail; since those two are so much bigger, they won't be able to follow you in.

Star Wars Battlefront arrives on Nov. 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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