There isn't much time left to support two charities while loading up on some of the best Capcom games. The Humble Capcom Bundle is stuffed with Resident Evil games, just in time for Halloween, but there are other treasures in this trove.

As with all of Humble Bundle's prime game bundles, consumers can pay whatever they want to purchase several PC games -- well, they have to pay at least $1. Premium games are locked inside of a higher tier, which requires that consumers beat the average price for that group -- and the average price is set a few bucks higher than the lower tier.

Buyers can choose how much of their money goes to the developer, Capcom in this case, Humble Bundle and the bundle's associated charities. For the Capcom bundle, the charities include non-profit provider of medical relief DirectRelief. There's also GamesAid, a charity that pumps resources into smaller organizations that assist disabled and disadvantaged kids. With the warm fuzzies covered, on with the games.

We Wouldn't Blame you If...

You never install Lost Planet 3 and forgot to play Remember Me after a couple of sessions. The Lost Planet games have lost their luster with each release. The third title in this series of third-person shooters is a prequel of sorts, telling the tale of humanity's transition to an ice-capped planet much like the one mankind ripped apart with war.

For a $1, Lost Planet 3 is a solid pickup for anyone just starting their Steam library or has managed to play through their backlog of holiday sales take. However, for those with a healthy backlog, the poor animations and monotonous combat of Lost Planet 3 makes the game passable. Plus, looking at ice gets old real quick.

If Remember Me receives its follow-up, which is in the works, it very well could become a hit franchise for Capcom. That's if developer DontNod keeps the story intact, improves the combat system and gives us more memory remixes. Heroine Nilin has the ability to get into people's heads, sorting their memories to her liking and advantage. The first Remember Me could have been a great game, though it isn't bad.

Don't Blame Us If...

You don't beat the average to pick up DmC: Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 4. Check the Steam rating. DmC: Devil May Cry, a reboot of Devil May Cry, is a must have game. Players step into the shoes of fallen half-angel Dante, who's out for revenge. This hack-n-slash game evidences Capcom's prowess in making enjoyable combat systems.

Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games in the franchise, introducing to the franchise the intimacy of the over-the-shoulder camera. Capcom also reworked some of the zombies in the game, making them the smarter and more aggressive type that anchor games like DayZ and shows like "The Walking Dead" have.

The Humble Capcom Bundle will wrap up on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 11 a.m. PT, 2 p.m. ET. So get on it!

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