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Forbes Richest List: These Cities Are Home To The Most Billionaires

The Forbes billionaires list spans six continents as well as 71 countries and territories. When it comes to city distribution, New York occupies the top spot with 82 billionaires and a combined net worth of $397.9 billion.

Business Tech March 22, 2017

Uber Promises To Change After Storm Of Controversy: Will The Company Survive The Scandals?

In a special press call hosted by board member Arianna Huffington, Uber promised that changes are coming to the ride-hailing company amid the storm of controversy surrounding it. Will Uber survive through the ordeals?

Business Tech March 22, 2017

Donald Trump Net Worth Drops By $1B In Forbes' 2017 Billionaires List

Forbes released its latest world's billionaires list and it looks like U.S. President Donald Trump is $1 billion lighter than he was. Trump's net worth dropped 208 spots down the list, now ranking at No. 544.

Business Tech March 21, 2017

Uber President Jeff Jones Quits, Cites Differences Over Leadership As Reason For Exit

Uber’s Jeff Jones has now resigned as the president of the ride-hailing company, citing differences over his own leadership principles and Uber’s. His exit follow Uber’s string of high-profile departures recently.

Business Tech March 20, 2017

Local Energy Companies Compete Against Elon Musk To Solve South Australia’s Energy Crisis

Elon Musk’ bet that Tesla can solve Australia’s energy crisis in 100 days gains competition from local companies that want a shot at saving their nation.

Business Tech March 19, 2017

Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk Wants Delivery To Take Just 5 Minutes

Questions regarding Tesla’s plan to maximize the production and delivery of the upcoming Model 3 EV have been raised frequently. Elon Musk has now shared plans which reveal that the delivery of the Model 3 could take a mere 5 minutes.

Business Tech March 18, 2017

Lack Of Oxford Comma Leads Truck Drivers To Win Overtime Dispute Against Maine Company

The lack of the Oxford comma could lead Oakhurst Dairy to lose an estimated $10 million to its truck drivers. The class-action lawsuit centers on overtime pay being disputed based on the lack of a comma in an exemption clause.

Business Tech March 17, 2017

Think Facebook's Messenger Day Is Just A Messy Snapchat Copycat? Think Again

Facebook's Snapchat copycat Messenger Day may be more than just a copy of its competitor's features. It's a business move from Facebook that does more damage than many may think.

Business Tech March 18, 2017

If You Can’t Beat Them, Hire Them: Apple Hires Renowned iOS Jailbreaker And Security Expert Jonathan Zdziarski

Apple is bringing Jonathan Zdziarski, a renowned iOS security expert and digital forensics consultant, on board to join its security team. Zdziarski broke the news on his personal blog.

Business Tech March 15, 2017

Sex Toy Company Settles Lawsuit For $3.75 Million Over Tracking Usage Of ‘Smart’ Vibrators

A sex toy company has settled a lawsuit which alleged that its smart vibrators were used to college usage data. The company will be required to destroy all collected data under the terms of the settlement.

Business Tech March 15, 2017

Marissa Mayer Out, Thomas McInerney In As Yahoo CEO After Verizon Acquisition

Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer is being replaced by Thomas McInerney, a member of the Yahoo board of directors since 2012, after Yahoo sold its digital services to Verizon. The latter acquired Yahoo in a mega-deal worth $4.8 billion.

Business Tech March 15, 2017

Intel's $15B Mobileye Acquisition Could Be A Game Changer For Driverless Car Tech: Should Tesla And Nvidia Be Worried?

Intel has confirmed its acquisition of Mobileye in a massive $15.3 billion deal that could shake up the driverless car tech sector. This new alliance could pose a real challenge to Tesla and Nvidia, making the autonomous driving race more heated than ever.

Business Tech March 14, 2017

Snap IPO Opens The Door To More Filings: Identity Management Provider Okta Files $100M IPO

The recent Snap IPO has breathed new life into the technology IPO scene and things are starting to pick up. Identity management firm Okta has now filed an IPO seeking to raise $100 million.

Business Tech March 14, 2017

Intel Confirms Acquisition Of Mobileye Self-Driving Car Tech Firm For $15.3 Billion

Intel has confirmed that it is acquiring self-driving car tech firm Mobileye for $15.3 billion on March 13. As part of the deal, Intel will be shelling out $63.54 per share for Mobileye in cash.

Business Tech March 13, 2017

Samsung Completes $8 Billion Purchase Of Harman: How Will Customers Benefit From The Company's Biggest Acquisition?

Samsung has completed the $8 billion purchase of Harman, an uncharacteristic move for the South Korean conglomerate. How will customers benefit from the acquisition of the parent company of Harman Kardon, JBL, Infinity, Mark Levinson, and Lexicon?

Business Tech March 12, 2017

LOOK: Hyperloop One Shares Photos Of Elon Musk's Fast Transport System

Hyperloop One releases the first public images of the world’s first full-scale hyperloop test track being constructed in Nevada. The structure is nearly complete.

Business Tech March 12, 2017

Waymo’s Legal Battle With Uber Explained: What’s In Store For Both Car Companies At War?

Google’s legal battle against Uber over allegedly stolen plans and trade secrets gather more steam. Who will truly finish first in the tough race to pioneer widespread driverless technology?

Business Tech March 11, 2017

PepsiCo Moves To Biodegradable Film Resin Packaging With Sustainability Agenda

PepsiCo is stretching its sustainability agenda into packaging by switching to biodegradable film resin packaging. The policy aims to cut down greenhouse emissions across the value chain.

Business Tech March 13, 2017

Waymo Wants To Stop Uber From Using 'Stolen' Self-Driving Car Secrets, Asks Judge For Court Order

Alphabet spinoff Waymo is asking a judge for a preliminary injunction that'll stop Uber from continuing with its self-driving car efforts and preventing the ride-hailing service from using stolen intellectual property.

Business Tech March 11, 2017

Airbnb Raises $1 Billion In Funding Round, Still No Plans For IPO

Airbnb has raised $1 billion in a recent funding round, with the company also reportedly enjoying profitability in Q2 2016. Airbnb, however, still has no plans to go public.

Business Tech March 10, 2017

John Carmack Sues Former Employer ZeniMax For $22.5 Million

John Carmack, the new CTO of Oculus, has sued ZeniMax Media for not paying the remaining amount for id Software purchase. However, ZeniMax stated that the claims made by Carmack are baseless.

Business Tech March 10, 2017

Google Cloud Platform Announces Kaggle Acquisition, Doubling Down On Machine Learning, Data Science, And AI

The Google Cloud Platfom has acquired Kaggle, an elite platform that hosts data science and machine learning competitions. Google wants to democratize artificial intelligence and double down on machine learning, so here's why this acquisition matters.

Business Tech March 9, 2017

Amazon Hands Over Alexa Recordings To The Police After 'OK' From Murder Suspect

Amazon has decided to back down on its free speech argument, handing over Alexa recordings to U.S. police to aid a murder trial. It remains to be seen, however, if there’s any evidence be lifted from the data.

Business Tech March 8, 2017

After Multiple Media Maelstroms, Uber’s Travis Kalanick Is Now 'Actively Seeking' Chief Operating Officer For Aid

Uber has announced that it’s currently seeking a COO shortly after CEO Travis Kalanick admitted that he needed leadership help. It remains to be seen, however, whether the new hire will help straighten Uber’s mounting organizational troubles.

Business Tech March 8, 2017

Venture Capital Funds Eyeing Health Tech Startups For Higher Growth

Healthcare tech startups are the new staple of many Venture Capital Funds with a high preference for domains like retail, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Yet another trend is investing in women-led startups for higher growth.

Business Tech March 8, 2017

IBM And Salesforce Form Partnership On A.I.

On Monday, International Business Machines corp. (IBM) and Salesforce agreed to integrate their artificial intelligence platforms - the Watson AI platform and the Einstein AI platform - to provide better offerings to customers.

Business Tech March 8, 2017

FBI Drops Child Pornography Case To Avoid Disclosing Tor Vulnerability

U.S. prosecutors had to dismiss a case against a former school worker accused of child pornography because the FBI refused to reveal its investigative techniques. The case revolves around the Tor-hosted Playpen, a popular child pornography site that the FBI briefly hijacked.

Business Tech March 7, 2017

After Strong Stock Exchange Debut, Snap Shares Dip More Than 12 Percent On Day 3

Snap opened to uproarious first trading day results, but as informed by its third trading day wane, the excitement might be wearing off. Snap shares has now tumbled down more than 12 percent, erasing gains for stock purchases prior.

Business Tech March 7, 2017

GM Exits Europe, Selling Opel And Vauxhall Brands To Peugeot SA: $2.33B Deal Announced

GM has officially announced a $2.33 billion deal with Peugeot SA for the Opel and Vauxhall brands. This marks GM's exit from Europe and positions PSA as the second-largest automotive company in the region, trailing only Volkswagen.

Business Tech March 6, 2017

Uber's Never-Ending Troubles: A Quick Recap Of What Has Happened So Far

Uber has been besieged with bad news as of late. The company has been saddled with claims of sexual harassment from former employees, and its CEO has suffered a meltdown during a heated exchange with an Uber driver.

Business Tech March 6, 2017

California High School Makes $24 Million By Investing In Snap IPO

Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California, poured an early investment of $15,000 for Snap Inc., the maker of Snapchat. Today the investment in Snap's IPO is worth $24 million.

Business Tech March 5, 2017

NBCUniversal Invests $500 Million In Snap IPO As It Expands Digital Content Strategy

NBCUniversal has staked $500 million in Snap’s IPO, making it the only U.S. media company to invest during the IPO stage. The move is part of a strategic investment and partnership, according to NBCUniversal.

Business Tech March 4, 2017

Costco Raises Annual Membership Fee, Is The Hike Worth It?

Costco announced the expected price hike in its annual membership fees structure on March 2. Post the announcement, the company’s shares fell by 4.3 percent but analysts predict that loyal customers will stay despite the hike.

Business Tech March 4, 2017

Uber Loses Product And Growth VP Ed Baker Amid Company Issues: The Odd Timing Of His Resignation

Ed Baker, Uber's vice president of product and growth, has announced his resignation during a time when the ride-hailing company is facing sexism and sexual harassment allegations and other issues.

Business Tech March 3, 2017

Uber Allegedly Used Secret Tool 'Greyball' To Hoodwink Regulators: Report

Uber used a special tool to avoid legal confrontation in cities where it operated without acquiring permission first, a new report alleges. It hasn’t been a great PR trajectory for Uber of late.

Business Tech March 3, 2017

General Motors Launches Monthly Car Rental Service With Maven Reserve: Parking, Insurance And More Included

GM just announced a new car rental service called Maven Reserve, which allows users to rent a Chevrolet Tahoe or Volt for 28 days. The monthly rental comes with a number of perks including insurance, parking, $100 in gas credit and more, but it's not cheap.

Business Tech March 3, 2017

FCC Declares War vs Robocalls Again: Ajit Pai Outlines Agenda For March

The Federal Communications Commission has again declared war against robocalls, automated phone calls that have been bugging the entire nation. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai revealed it as his agency's agenda this March.

Business Tech March 3, 2017

Bitcoin Is Now More Expensive Than Gold, Cryptocurrency Reaches All-Time High

A unit of digital cryptocurrency, bitcoin has reached a new historic high. The price of one bitcoin has surpassed the value of an ounce of gold for the first time.

Business Tech March 3, 2017

Snap IPO: Snapchat Surges 44 Percent In First Trading Day, But Analysts Say It Will Plunge

Snap Inc. is off to a great start, having opened at $24 share, well above its expected target. Analysts, however, are predicting bleak prospects for its stock.

Business Tech March 3, 2017

Yahoo Security Breach: CEO Marissa Mayer Takes Some Responsibility, But Who's Really Taking The Fall?

As the investigation into the massive Yahoo data breach wrapped up, CEO Marissa Mayer took some responsibility for the mishap and docked her pay. This has stirred further controversy, as it's seen as a thin gesture while someone else takes the real fall as the scapegoat.

Business Tech March 2, 2017

Elon Musk Agrees To A Tesla Competition And You Have A Fifth-Grader To Thank For It

A bright fifth-grader wrote a letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk as part of a school project, suggesting a Tesla competition for fan-made commercials. Musk thought it was a great idea and agreed to do it, so get ready for a neat contest thanks to this awesome kid.

Business Tech March 2, 2017

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