Google Android Security Report: Installs Of 'Potentially Harmful Apps' On Google Play Doubled In 2018

Google has published its annual Android security report. Based on the company's findings, the Android ecosystem became generally safer in 2018, despite a twofold increase in 'potentially harmful apps.'

Google April 2, 2019

Users Can Now Preschedule Messages In Gmail

Google has introduced changes to the Gmail platform to increase user satisfaction and productivity. These include the addition of Smart Compose for all as well as the ability to schedule messages before they are sent out to recipients.

Google April 7, 2019

App Offering 'Gay Conversion' Therapy Removed From Google Play Store

Several organizations demanded Google to remove the app that offers 'gay conversion' therapy. After months of protests by the LGBTQ community, the tech firm removed the app that appears to brainwash the users.

Google April 2, 2019

Google Maps Gets 'Snake' Easter Egg Game For April Fools' Day

Google is adding a 'Snake' Easter egg game to Google Maps for iOS and Android in celebration of April Fools' Day. It's rolling out worldwide, but it's going to be available for a limited time only.

Google March 31, 2019

Google Accused Of Profiting From Running Adverts For Unproven Dementia Supplements

Google is facing criticism for selling advertising to retailers of brain supplements under search terms “Alzheimer’s pills” and “dementia supplements”. No cure is currently available for dementia.

Google March 27, 2019

Ad-Centric Business Model May Not Work For Google Stadia

While Google has built its empire on ads, Stadia will have to find another way to make money. According to analysts, an ad-centric business model might not sustain the tech giant's ambitious gaming project.

Google March 24, 2019

Google Stadia Chief Says Cloud Gaming Is The Future, And That Google Doesn’t Need To Make A Console

Video game distribution relies on physical media, digital games stored in local hardware, and special platforms to play these on. Google Stadia wants to change that.

Google March 22, 2019

Google Taps Former Ubisoft, EA Exec To Helm Stadia Games And Entertainment

Former Ubisoft and Electronic Arts exec Jade Raymond will head Google’s Stadia Games and Entertainment studio. The company is working with a number of developers to make or bring games to Stadia.

Google March 20, 2019

Google Stadia Streaming Service Introduces High-Framerate, Low-Latency Cloud Gaming

Google has unveiled its newest offering, the Stadia game streaming service, at the Game Development Conference 2019. The company promises to give gamers a single online platform to download, play, and share games at high-speeds.

Google March 20, 2019

Google Tasks Introduces Time-Based Reminders, Import From Inbox And Gmail

Google has added brand-new features to Google Tasks such as time-based notifications and import. The company hopes to turn the app into a single destination where users can keep track of what they need to do in G Suite.

Google March 19, 2019

New Gestures Found In Android Q Make The Google Pixel More Like iPhone

XDA Developers uncovered never-before-seen gestures in the latest Android Q beta by using a highly modified version of the Pixel Launcher APK. The gestures look, feel, and perform strangely familiar.

Google March 18, 2019

Pixel 4 XL Leak: Next Google Phone Could Have Hole-Punch Cutout, Rear Dual-Camera Setup

An alleged Pixel 4 XL leak shows that the next Google smartphone might have more cameras than its predecessors. At that, it could have two rear cameras and a pill-like hole-punch cutout on the front.

Google March 15, 2019

Teens Now Using Google Docs As Chat App

Some teenagers have discovered a way to turn Google Docs into a makeshift messaging app. They would take advantage of the different collaborative features of the online office suite to secretly chat with each other.

Google March 16, 2019

Google Took Down 2.3 Billion Bad Ads In 2018, Introduces New Policy Manager For Ads

Last year, Google removed 2.3 billion ads that violate its policies. To further make the digital advertising ecosystem safer, it’s also launching a new Policy Manager for Google Ads in April.

Google March 15, 2019

This Patent Shows Google Might Be Working On A Foldable Phone, Too

2019 is the year of foldable phones. Both Samsung and Huawei have shown their own approaches, but wait until you see Google’s Z-fold display, detailed in a patent filed recently.

Google March 15, 2019

How To Enable Dark Mode On Chrome 73 For Mac

Google Chrome users will now enjoy several new features with the Chrome 73 update, one of which is the Dark Mode. It is already available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.

Google March 14, 2019

How To Install Android Q On Your Original Google Pixel, Pixel 2, And Pixel 3

In a surprising move, Google is extending Android Q support all the way back to the original Pixel phones. Here’s how to download and install the latest version of Android on any Pixel phone.

Google March 14, 2019

Gmail And Google Drive Are On The Fritz: Is This Update Causing The Problem?

Google Drive's redesign debuted along with a worldwide outage of Google's Gmail and even Google Drive services. The outage lasted a few good hours with other users still reporting issues with specific use cases.

Google March 13, 2019

Google Chrome Now Recognizes Commands Given From PC Media Keys

Users can control videos and music inside their Chrome browsers by using the media keys on their keyboards. The latest update is part of Chrome 73 and is expected to roll out to Mac, PC, and Linux users soon.

Google March 13, 2019

YouTube Stories Gets AR Selfie Tools Similar To Snapchat

AR filters are now available in YouTube Stories. Google announced in a blog post that the AR effects tool uses machine learning to help create filters that are more realistic without needing a dedicated depth sensor.

Google March 12, 2019

Patent Leaks Possible Design Of Controller For Google's Game Streaming Service

A patent has cropped up online showing off the possible design of the highly anticipated Google's gaming controller. It provides a series of illustrations outlining what the controller offers.

Google March 11, 2019

Google Chrome Update Patches Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Google has discovered a zero-day vulnerability in a patch for Chrome version 72.0.3626.121. The company believes the flaw was used to launch malicious attacks on vulnerable systems.

Google March 8, 2019

Google Assistant's Continued Conversation Feature Now Works On Smart Displays

Continued Conversation is coming to Assistant-powered Smart Displays, such as the Google Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display. The feature has been available in Home smart speakers since June, and now it's rolling out to more devices.

Google March 7, 2019

Google Launches Bolo Reading Tutor App For Kids In India

A language-learning app from Google is now available in India. Bolo, a reading tutor, helps school-age kids to read in Hindi and English and can be used even when offline.

Google March 8, 2019

Google Makes Smart Compose Available To All Android Phones, Not Just Pixel 3

Smart Compose, once a Gmail feature exclusive to Pixel 3 handsets, comes to the rest of Android. Make sure to update Gmail to version 9.2.3 to try it out.

Google March 7, 2019

Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL Can Now Get Repaired Via Google's Mail-In Service

Google's mail-in repair service now accepts the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Before this, owners of the latest Pixel phones had to turn to authorized walk-in shops to get them fixed.

Google March 6, 2019

Second-Generation Google Glass Enterprise Edition With USB-C, Improved Specs Seen In Leaked Photos

An alleged second generation of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition gets leaked in photos. If they're true, then a USB-C port is going to replace the magnetic charging system of the previous version.

Google March 5, 2019

Google Won’t Remove Controversial Saudi ‘Women Tracker’ App

Because it doesn’t violate any Play Store policies, Google said it won’t remove a controversial app called Absher, which lets Saudi men track women’s movements when traveling. Apple, meanwhile, says it’s still reviewing it.

Google March 4, 2019

AI Grammar Checker In Google Docs Starts Rolling Out To G Suite Users

A more intelligent grammar checker is coming to Google Docs. Previously exclusive to early beta users, the new feature is powered by Google’s machine translation technology, which helps catch trickier grammar lapses.

Google February 27, 2019

Google Assistant Is About To Make Texting So Much Better

Google is bringing Assistant to Android Messages over the coming weeks to make searching easier while talking to someone. The feature will come as Google prepares Allo’s final days.

Google February 25, 2019

More Phones Are Getting Physical Buttons For Google Assistant

Aside from the LG G7 ThinQ, more phones will now have a physical Assistant button. Google expects over '100 million devices to launch with a dedicated Google Assistant button.'

Google February 25, 2019

Google Rolls Out The New Gmail Redesign For Android

The Gmail for Android is getting a major makeover. Google starts rolling out the overly white redesign for the Gmail app on Android, following the company’s move to create a uniform look across all G Suite products.

Google February 21, 2019

Google Just Scheduled A Gaming Event At GDC: Game Streaming Service Coming?

Google is holding a conference at next month’s GDC to talk about something related to gaming. There’s no telling what announcements are due, but perhaps it has more information to share on Project Stream.

Google February 20, 2019

Gmail’s Right-Click Menu Is Getting More Options For Easier Email Management

Google finally gives Gmail’s right-click menu some neat functions. Previously, right clicking on Gmail only allows a user to archive, mark as unread, or delete an email, but the latest upgrade adds more than just three options.

Google February 12, 2019

Google Maps AR Navigation Is Now Available To Some Users

For those who have a weak sense of direction, there’s now an AR-powered Google Map. Currently being tested by a select number of people, the new feature uses a phone’s camera to find a user’s exact location.

Google February 11, 2019

Google's Adiantum Lets Even Cheap Android Smartphones Get Encryption

Google is unveiling its new form of encryption called Adiantum. It's designed to work with even low-end smartphones, computers, and the like without slowing them down and making them unusable.

Google February 7, 2019

Google's Live Transcribe, Sound Amplifier Android Apps Help Deaf Or Hard-Of-Hearing People: Here's How

Google has unwrapped two new Android apps for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. Called Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier, these accessibility features can help people with hearing loss in daily interactions and the like.

Google February 4, 2019

Remember Inbox? Google Might Be Bringing Some Of Its Features Over To Gmail

Gmail is set to receive more features lifted from Inbox soon. Fan favorites such as reminders, pinned messages, and bundled categories, are rumored to be coming over.

Google February 4, 2019

Google+ Shutting Down On April 2: Here’s How To Download Your Data

Google has now confirmed that it will delete everything on Google+ beginning April 2. Here’s how to download your data before everything goes away for good.

Google January 31, 2019

Gmail For Android, iOS Gets Material Theme Redesign - Still No Dark Mode, Though

Google is giving the mobile version of Gmail a Material Theme redesign. Android and iOS users can expect the update to arrive in the coming weeks.

Google January 29, 2019

Google Might Be Working On Face ID Feature For Android Q

A feature similar to Face ID might be on the next major version of Android Q. If true, this will help phone manufacturers in a lot of ways.

Google January 28, 2019

Someone Cracked The Google I/O Puzzle: Event Starts May 7

A developer solved Google’s cryptic post about this year’s I/O, which will apparently take place in May. Google chief Sundar Pichai later on confirmed the event details.

Google January 26, 2019

Classic Google Hangouts Will Begin To Say Goodbye In October

Google announced that Hangouts for G Suite customers will be bidding adieu this October. As for other consumers, it is expected that the same will happen by 2020.

Google January 23, 2019

Google's Phishing Quiz Wants To Teach You How To Avoid Phishing Scams

Google's Jigsaw unit published a phishing quiz online to teach users how to spot phishing emails. It's designed with the latest tricks and techniques that cybercriminals use nowadays

Google January 22, 2019

Google Fined Nearly $57 Million For Violating GDPR In France

France's CNIL slapped Google with nearly $57 million fine for violating Europe’s new data privacy rules. It is the biggest GDPR fine issued since the regulations took effect in May last year.

Google January 22, 2019

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