Google Fi Finally Gets RCS Messaging Support, Faster 4G LTE Coverage

RCS is now on Google Fi. That and faster 4G LTE speeds for users who roam, which makes Fi one of the best mobile virtual network operators out there.

Google January 15, 2019

Google Kills Its Chromecast Audio: What Was It For Again?

With smart speakers being fairly affordable these days, the Chromecast Audio has lost its place in the market. No surprise that Google finally decided to let it go.

Google January 12, 2019

Chrome's Ad Blocker Will Roll Out Worldwide On July 9

Previously launched in North America and Europe, Chrome's built-in ad blocker will now be available in every country starting July. This is in compliance with the industry standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads.

Google January 10, 2019

6-Year-Old Girl Wins Doodle For Google Contest

Google named the lucky winner for the 2018 Doodle for Google contest on its official YouTube channel. Sarah Gomez-Lane, a 6-year-old girl from Virginia. bagged the coveted prize of $30,000 college scholarship fund.

Google January 9, 2019

Google Expects Google Assistant To Be On 1 Billion Devices By End Of January

Google revealed on Monday it is expecting the Google Assistant to be on 1 billion devices by the end of the month. The number is far more than the 100 million devices with Amazon's Alexa on board.

Google January 9, 2019

Google Going Down Disney Theme Park Route With Massive 18,000-Square-Foot CES Booth

Google appeared to outdo itself at CES 2019 with an interactive ride similar to a Disney theme park for the participants. The tech company's massive booth will also feature a mini-restaurant, gumball machine, and more.

Google January 8, 2019

Google Chrome For Windows 10 To Get Dark Mode: Here’s How To Enable It Now

A newly uncovered bug report suggests that Google will also be bringing native Dark Mode support to Google Chrome on Windows 10. It will be trailing the macOS version, though.

Google January 4, 2019

Google Confirms Fuchsia Will Be Able To Run Android Apps

Google is clearly working on bringing Android Runtime environment to its new operating system called Fuchsia. Speculations suggest the tech company would officially announce Fuchsia this year.

Google January 3, 2019

Google Is Going To Fix Terrible Lag Issues On Chrome OS Tablets

The Pixel Slate has performance and lag problems, especially while in tablet mode. Fortunately, Google might be working on a simple fix, but a rollout schedule remains unclear.

Google January 2, 2019

FCC Approves Google Project Soli: What To Know About This Advanced Motion-Sensing Device

The FCC has given Google the go-signal to use advanced motion-sensing devices aboard aircraft. These sensors, part of Project Soli, must still comply with aviation rules, however.

Google January 2, 2019

Android Messages Will Fight Spam In Your Texts

The default Messages app on Android is getting a new Spam Protection feature. It’s not clear how the feature works, but it should help users deal with unwanted spam texts going forward.

Google December 29, 2018

Google Chrome Users Stuck With New UI, And They're Not Happy

After Chrome version 71 rolled out, users found that they can't change back the UI to the old one anymore. Now they're up in arms about it.

Google December 27, 2018

Macaulay Culkin Recreates 'Home Alone' Scenes In New Google Ad

Macaulay Culkin starred in a Google ad where he played his iconic Kevin McCallister role but as an adult. The 'Home Alone'-themed commercial highlighted some of the most genius scenes from the 1990 film.

Google December 20, 2018

Google Assistant Now Tells You If Flights Might Be Delayed

Smart gets smarter. This forthcoming holiday season, Google Assistant will begin giving flight predictions so traveling users can prepare in advance in case delays occur.

Google December 17, 2018

Your Kids Can Call Santa Claus Using Google Home, Here's How

Kids can talk to Santa Claus this holiday season by calling him through Google Home. They can also track his exact location on Christmas Eve as well as his progress on holiday preparations.

Google December 17, 2018

You Can Buy A Chromecast On Amazon Again, But Here’s The Bad News

Amazon has now fulfilled its promise to put back Chromecast devices on its site. The unfortunate thing, however, is that Google is still stubborn in letting the streaming sticks have Prime Video.

Google December 13, 2018

Google+ Bug Leaked Data Of 52.5 Million People

Google+ admitted recently that another bug had leaked the information of 52.5 million users that resulted from an update in November. This followed suit the October revelation that a similar bug had compromised data for three years.

Google December 11, 2018

Rumor: Google Hangouts Is Getting Killed In 2020

It might be finally time to bid initial goodbyes to Google Hangouts. The search company will be killing the longstanding messaging platform in 2020, apparently.

Google December 1, 2018

Android Auto Update: Playing Music, Sending Messages Now Made Much Easier

Worried about playing music or responding to texts in your car? Don’t, because Google is making them much easier. Android Auto will soon get a much-needed update that makes these things less distracting.

Google November 30, 2018

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene To Be Replaced By Former Oracle Exec Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene to be replaced by former Oracle exec Thomas Kurian.

Google November 17, 2018

Google Confirms Fix For Disappearing Texts On Pixel 3

If text messages are suddenly disappearing from your Pixel 3, don’t worry. Google says a fix is coming soon, although it has yet to explain exactly why it’s occurring.

Google November 14, 2018

Here's Why You Should Turn On Dark Mode If It’s Available, According To Google

Dark Mode saves battery life. According to Google, toggling a darker theme on OLED smartphones will promptly extend their juice, and it has significant proof to back such claims up.

Google November 9, 2018

Google Pixel 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy S9: The Battle Of The Flagship Android Smartphones

Google has officially unveiled the massively leaked Pixel 3, alongside the Pixel 3 XL, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub. How does the device compare to other flagship Android smartphones, particularly the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Google October 10, 2018

Google Kept Google+ Data Breach Secret To Avoid Comparisons With Facebook, Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Google is now shutting down Google+, but not because of the lack of users and activity. A data breach compromised the data of 500,000 users on the social network, but Google decided to keep the security incident a secret.

Google October 9, 2018

Google Pixel Slate Leaked: Here's What We Know So Far About The Chrome OS Tablet

The Pixel Slate, Google's first Chrome OS tablet, was leaked ahead of the upcoming Made by Google event. The device will be unveiled alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones.

Google October 8, 2018

Google Search Secrets: Here's How To Play The Hidden Text Adventure Game

Google Search has a hidden text adventure game that lets players take on the role of the capital G in the Google logo. The game is a bit more complicated to access and play compared to previous Google easter eggs.

Google October 2, 2018

Google China Prototype Allows Government To Track Search Queries Of Citizens

Google's new search engine for China will allow the government to track the search queries of its citizens. Codenamed Project Dragonfly, it will also prevent Chinese people from accessing information deemed sensitive by the ruling Communist Party.

Google September 17, 2018

Google Employees Resign In Protest Of Project Dragonfly, A Censored Search Engine For China

Seven employees abandoned their jobs at Google in protest of the company's project known as 'Project Dragonfly.' The project was crafted to eradicate content that China's government views as sensitive.

Google September 16, 2018

Google Inbox Will Shut Down Next Year: All The Best Features Are Already On Gmail

Starting March 2019, Google will stop its Inbox app and make all its best features available on Gmail. Since its introduction in 2014, Inbox became popular to a segment of users despite the Gmail’s existence.

Google September 13, 2018

Google Pixel 3 Event Set For Oct. 9: What Else Will Be Unveiled?

Google has sent out invitations for a Made by Google event on Oct. 9 in New York. The highlight is widely expected to be the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but Google likely has more hardware to unveil.

Google September 7, 2018

Google Hacked By Own Employee: Vulnerability Found In Supposedly Secure Doors Of Sunnyvale Campus

The supposedly secure key card-enabled doors of Google's Sunnyvale campus were hacked. Fortunately, it was a Google employee with no ill intentions, but it again raises concerns over Internet of Things security.

Google September 4, 2018

Here's How To Install Android 9 Pie On OnePlus 6: Open Beta Now Available

The Android 9 Pie Open Beta build is now available to download for OnePlus 6 owners. Installing the mobile operating system, however, is not as easy as triggering an over-the-air update.

Google September 4, 2018

Google Pixel 3 XL Leaks Keep Coming: Unreleased Smartphone Left In Lyft Ride

A Lyft driver found a pre-production unit of the Google Pixel 3 XL at the back of his vehicle. He returned the smartphone prototype to the passenger who left it, but not before taking a few pictures of the device.

Google September 4, 2018

The Google Titan Security Key, Now Available For $50, Will Protect Your Online Accounts

Google boasted that none of their employees have been victimized by a phishing attack since they were required to use physical security keys. Google's own version of the device, the Titan Security Key, is now available on the Google Store.

Google September 1, 2018

Google To Revamp Wear OS: Here's Everything That Will Change

Google made a complete makeover of the 'Wear OS' before its projected release next month. The upcoming Wear OS is concentrated more on proactive information cards, enforceable notifications, Google fit, and a Google assistant feed.

Google August 30, 2018

Google Assistant Now Lets Users Control Nest And Yale Smart Lock With Voice Commands

Starting Aug. 29, the 'Nest x Yale Smart Lock' can now be maneuvered by Google Assistant with voice commands. The Nest x Yale lock costs in the range of $249 to $279.

Google August 29, 2018

Google Helps Military Veterans Looking For Work After End Of Service

Google introduced a series of tools on Monday to help military veterans find a job after the end of their service. The program is part of the company's 'Grow with Google' career services program.

Google August 28, 2018

Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL To Have ‘Super Selfie’ Feature

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will offer users a new feature dubbed as ‘Super Selfies’ made possible by its dual front camera. Reports also suggest that one of the cameras will have a wide angle lens.

Google August 26, 2018

Google’s New ‘Tell Me Something Good’ Feature Makes This Dreary World Seem A Bit Better

Google has Assistant feature that’ll tell you good news happening around the world. It won’t shield you from the horrors, it just wants to show you that people can still change the world even in small ways.

Google August 22, 2018

Google Targeted By Lawsuit Over Shady Location Tracking Policy

Google is facing a lawsuit for violating California’s privacy laws. The case stemmed from AP’s report that it still stores location data even if the user turns off the Location History.

Google August 21, 2018

Sony Confirms Android Pie For Some Xperia XZ Phones, Explains Why Updates Take So Long

Sony has declared that nine of its premium-range phones will finally get the anticipated Android Pie upgrade in November. The midrange models are expected to get the update early next year.

Google August 20, 2018

Google Goggles Is Now Officially Dead — Install Google Lens Instead

Google Goggles is officially dead. Google has punted its ancient visual search platform into the sunset, telling users to download and install Google Lens instead, which offers a vastly better experience.

Google August 18, 2018

Gmail For Mobile Gets Confidential Mode: What It’s For And How To Use It

Confidential Mode, introduced as part of the new Gmail, has arrived on mobile. Gmail for Android users can now send confidential emails, complete with expiration dates and SMS passcodes.

Google August 18, 2018

Google To Launch New Version Of Chromecast With Bluetooth, Stronger Wi-Fi

An amended FCC filing reveals Google will soon release an updated Chromecast device with better Wi-Fi and expanded Bluetooth support. Details such as pricing and release date remain uncertain, though.

Google August 18, 2018

Google Home With Display Launching Later This Year To Compete With Amazon Echo Show

Google is expected to release a Google Home with display features before Christmas in the hopes of competing directly with the Amazon Echo Show. Google Home will be packed with a touchscreen display and will likely lean on voice commands.

Google August 18, 2018

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