Hospital Charges Florida Woman Jeannette Parker Nearly $50,000 For Stray Cat Bite

Jeannette Parker fed tuna to a seemingly hungry stray cat outside Everglades National Park in Florida. The feline however, bit her. Worse, she got billed $48,512 for the treatment.

Health February 27, 2019

Researchers Working On GMO Wheat That Can Be Safely Consumed By People With Celiac Disease

People with celiac disease might soon be able to eat food containing wheat without experiencing any symptoms. In a study, researchers created a new variety of the grain that has built-in enzymes that break down gluten.

Health February 27, 2019

Colorectal Cancer Test Kits Could Speed Up Screening Process

At-home cancer screening kits can effectively detect colorectal cancer among patients, according to a recent analysis. Researchers discovered that fecal immunochemical tests have 75 to 80 percent sensitivity compared to 90 percent from colonoscopy.

Health February 27, 2019

South Carolina Pediatrician Marc Bahan Explains Why CPG Pediatrics Turns Away Unvaccinated Patients Amid Measles Outbreak

CPG Pediatrics in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has a new policy to refuse treating patients who were not vaccinated. Here's why this is necessary, according to pediatrician Marc Bahan.

Health February 26, 2019

Cancer Patient's Dead Body Leaves Radioactive Materials In Arizona Crematory

The body of a cancer patient who had radiation treatment was cremated in a crematory in Arizona, contaminating the vacuum filter, oven, and bone crusher with radioactive materials. The man received lutetium-177 dotatate prior to his death.

Health February 26, 2019

Study Pinpoints 'Fast And Easy' Weight Loss Strategy

The secret to losing weight is to monitor food consumption. In an experiment, researchers found that people who logged their daily calorie and fat intake into an app lost at least 10 percent of their body weight.

Health February 26, 2019

Unvaccinated French Tourist May Have Reinstroduced Measles To Costa Rica

A boy from France who arrived in Costa Rica with his family earlier this month may have reintroduced measles to the country. The 5-year-old has not received the measles vaccine.

Health February 26, 2019

Drug Manufacturer Points Finger At FDA Label Change Regulation As Cause Of Opioid Problem

A long-time drug manufacturer said that the FDA is partly to blame for the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States. A 2001 label change of Oxycontin, a powerful painkiller, gave more people access to the drug.

Health February 26, 2019

Fat Cells Have Biological Clock That Can Affect Metabolism

Human fat cells follow its own biological clock that regulates metabolism and appetite. This new finding helps scientists better understand the role of circadian rhythm in key body functions.

Health February 27, 2019

Diet Soda Linked To 23 Percent Increased Risk For Stroke In Women

Researchers found an association between drinking at least two diet sodas daily and increased risk for stroke in women. High consumers were also found to have increased risk for heart disease and early death.

Health February 26, 2019

More Women Are Getting Affected By Heart Attack, Says Study

According to new research, women accounted for more hospital admissions for heart attacks. The study findings revealed that young women between the ages of 35 and 54 are at a higher risk of acute myocardial infarction.

Health February 25, 2019

Chance Of Getting Red Meat Allergy From Tick Bite Higher Than Previous Estimates

The risk of developing an alpha-gal syndrome from a tick bite is higher than originally thought. Scientists found that alpha-gal is present in the saliva of certain tick species whether they recently fed on mammal blood or not.

Health February 25, 2019

Methyl Alcohol In Homemade Liquor May Have Killed At Least 154 In India

Hundreds were hospitalized in the northeast state of Assam in India after consuming tainted alcohol. The brew may have used methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol, which made the liquor poisonous.

Health February 25, 2019

US Agencies Investigate Johnson & Johnson Over Carcinogenic Asbestos In Baby Powder

J&J knew about the asbestos contamination on its baby powder line but failed to notify the public and regulators. The company is facing another bout of inquiry from the U.S. Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission.

Health February 25, 2019

Spain Ekes Out Win Over Italy As World's Healthiest Nation

Spain was declared the healthiest country in the world, beating Italy, Japan, and Iceland. A recent survey gave a score of 92.8 out of 100 to Spain based on several factors that contribute to a nation's overall health.

Health February 25, 2019

FDA Proposes New Rule To Ensure Safety, Effectiveness Of Sunscreen Products

One of the proposed changes would be to classify safe ingredients used in sunscreen products as GRASE. Only two of the 16 ingredients in sunscreens would be considered GRASE under the new proposal.

Health February 23, 2019

Google Maps Can Now Help People Find Nearest Drug Disposal Locations

Google Maps will combat the opioid crisis in the United States by showing users the location of the nearest drug disposals. The company partnered with government agencies and pharmacies to collect unused prescription medication and combat opioid abuse.

Health February 22, 2019

Pinterest Blocks Search Results For Vaccinations To Prevent Spread Of Misinformation

Pinterest will no longer return search results about vaccinations, whether for or against them. This is in line with the social network's policies to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Health February 22, 2019

Number Of Push Ups One Can Do May Indicate Heart Health

Men who can do more than 40 push-ups have a higher risk of experiencing heart issues, according to a new study. Researchers believe that the ability to do push-ups can be used to screen for cardiovascular diseases.

Health February 21, 2019

State Sanctioned Vaccine Exemptions Could Force Federal Hands To Move, Says FDA Chief

The FDA might take action if the states continue to allow parents to not vaccinate children despite the declaration of measles outbreaks in five states. There are currently 17 states that allow vaccine exemptions for philosophical reasons.

Health February 21, 2019

Killer Immune Cells Could Fight Off 3 Influenza Strains Permanently

Strains of flu virus mutate each season, making it difficult for the immune system to detect and fight off infection. A new study showed renewed hope for a universal flu vaccine that could attach all three strains of influenza virus.

Health February 21, 2019

Screen Time Exposure For Very Young Children Has Doubled Since The Late 90s

The screen time among children under the age of 2 is on the rise. New research found that between 1997 and 2014, the amount of time that young children spend in front of a screen more than doubled.

Health February 20, 2019

Young Blood Transfusions To Stop Aging Unproven And Potentially Harmful, FDA Warns

FDA warned the public about plasma blood transfusions that are supposed to halt aging and treat a range of conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis. The FDA said the treatment is not proven effective and is potentially dangerous.

Health February 20, 2019

Hong Kong’s War On E-Cigarettes Could Soon Send Vape Offenders To Jail

Hong Kong announced it is planning to penalize e-cigarette smokers for up to six months of jail time. Vaping is a controversial topic in many topics due to limited evidence supporting its health safety and efficacy in tobacco smoking cessation.

Health February 20, 2019

A Single CRISPR Treatment Can Show Significant Benefits In Mice With DMD

A team of researchers found that a single CRISPR therapy corrected DMD in mice for a year. They hope that their study will pave the way for the development of an effective treatment for humans.

Health February 20, 2019

Interval Training Better At Promoting Weight Loss Than Cycling And Running

To lose weight, high-intensity interval training might be the way to go. Researchers analyzed over 40 studies that probed whether interval training or moderate intensity continuous programs like jogging and cycling will yield better results.

Health February 19, 2019

Transgender Hormone Therapy May Increase Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke And Blood Clots

Research found that transgender people who had hormone therapy face greater cardiovascular risk. They are more likely to suffer from stroke, blood clots and heart attacks than cis people. Why?

Health February 19, 2019

Zombie Deer Disease Spreading In The US May Infect Humans, Expert Warns

Michael Osterholm warned the possibility of the chronic wasting disease that primarily affects deer, elk, and moose transferring to humans soon. One study already found monkeys that ate infected deer meat contracted the disease.

Health February 19, 2019

Use of clinical apps significantly improves quality of cardiovascular care

Use of clinical apps significantly improves quality of cardiovascular care

Health February 15, 2019

Too Much 'Ultraprocessed' Food Can Lead To Early Grave

Researchers warned that ultraprocessed food increase the risk of early death. In a massive new study, they also found that adults who have a lower income, live alone, and have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to consume ultraprocessed food.

Health February 13, 2019

CDC Report Says 3.6 Million US Teens Vaped In 2018

A study by the CDC, FDA, and the National Cancer Institute found that the use of e-cigarettes among teens has increased significantly in 2018. Based on estimates, one in five high school students and one in 14 middle school students vape.

Health February 13, 2019

Hep C Antiviral Lowers Risks Of Premature Deaths And Liver Cancer Progression

People who test positive for chronic hepatitis C infection could benefit from direct-acting antivirals. A French study found that the treatment reduces chances of premature death and progression to liver cancer.

Health February 12, 2019

Bat Showing Up At Indiana Pacers Game Triggers Rabies Scare

A bat that invaded last week's Indiana Pacers versus Los Angeles Clippers game last week might have rabies, public health officials said. The state health department is urging everyone who touched the bat to look into getting a rabies vaccination.

Health February 11, 2019

Authorities Confirm Mumps Cases In Houston ICE Facility

Several people were confirmed to have had mumps while at the ICE facility in Houston, Texas. Despite this, authorities say they do not think this poses a threat to the community.

Health February 9, 2019

Study Takes On 'Beer Before Wine' Drinking Myth

Will drinking wine before beer, as a popular age-old adage suggests, ease next day's hangover? A total of 90 people participated in a study that involves heavy drinking for science.

Health February 9, 2019

Burn Injuries From Viral Boiling Water Challenge Sending People To The Hospital

The viral boiling water challenge became popular amid record low temperatures in the United States. Unfortunately, the stunt is sending people to the hospital because of burns. Some suffered from face scald injuries.

Health February 9, 2019

Hundreds Join Antivax Rally In Washington Following Measles Outbreak

Parents and guardians marched down to Washington to oppose a bill that will require measles vaccination for students in public school. The bill is a response to an ongoing measles outbreak in the state.

Health February 9, 2019

Diabetes Pill Releases Insulin In The Gut Without Painful Injections

Researchers at MIT have developed an oral pill that can deliver insulin levels comparable to injectables. The capsule mimicked the self-orientation capability of African leopard tortoises that can blend with the shape of their environment.

Health February 9, 2019

Diet Drugs Make Mosquitoes Stop Biting, Study Finds

Is there a way to stop mosquitoes from biting humans? A team of researchers found that human diet drugs also worked to suppress the apetites of mosquitoes.

Health February 8, 2019

J&J First Big Pharma Company To Add Prices To Television Product Ads

Johnson & Johnson became the first company to add pricing information on pharmaceutical products being advertised on television. The anticoagulant Xarelto will soon have a list price and out-of-pocket cost in commercials.

Health February 9, 2019

FDA Statement Warns Of Link Between Breast Implants And Cancer

The FDA said that the number of unique cases of anaplastic large cell lymphoma associated with breast implants increased to over 400 patients. The agency also noted that the disease is more common in textured breast implants.

Health February 9, 2019

Common Protein May Be Causing Heart And Metabolic Health Issues, Says Study

New research suggested that a form of protein known as clusterin is linked to cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS) risk due to its actions in the liver. CMS is a collection of conditions that elevates a person’s risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Health February 9, 2019

Los Angeles City Hall Planning To Remove Carpets Amid Typhus Outbreak

Amid a rat infestation, the Los Angeles city hall might remove all its carpets and replace it with different floorings. The City Council president has submitted a motion to conduct an investigation on the vermin problem.

Health February 7, 2019

Marijuana Use May Cause Sperm Count To Rise According To Harvard Research

Researchers investigated the effects of marijuana on fertility, particularly in a man's sperm count. They found that those who had smoked pot have a higher sperm concentration per ejaculate than those who never had the substance at all.

Health February 7, 2019

Most Common Reason For Medical Marijuana Use Is To Deal With Chronic Pain

A team of researchers probed whether people who reported to using medical marijuana do so because of evidence-based reasons. They found that 85 percent of users suffer from symptoms, which, according to previous research, can be alleviated using the drug.

Health February 6, 2019

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