Chemicals Found In Home And Food Products Harm Sperm Of Men And Dogs

Man and his best friend share the same problem: lower sperm quality and male fertility issues due to exposure to toxic environmental pollutants.

Health March 18, 2019

New Guidelines No Longer Recommend Daily Low-Dose Aspirin To Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke

Doctors may still prescribe daily low-dose aspirin for some patients, but aspirin therapy is now a class 2b recommendation under the new guidelines. What will experts recommend for preventing heart attack and stroke?

Health March 17, 2019

Dementia Related Deaths In US Have Doubled In Recent Years Says CDC Report

Researchers found that the number of deaths associated with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia significantly rose between 2000 and 2017. Last year, over 200,000 people in the United States died because of the neurodegenerative disease.

Health March 16, 2019

Medications And Surgery For Atrial Fibrillation Similarly Effective Says Study

Researchers found that catheter fibrillation, an invasive procedure, significantly improves a patient's quality of life. However, when it comes to preventing stroke and cardiac failure, it is not more effective than drug therapy.

Health March 16, 2019

Scientists Use Light And Sound To Clear Alzheimer's Plaque In Mice

Neuroscientists discovered that a combination of lights and sounds may help clear out brain plaques in patients with Alzheimer's Disease. The findings, although observed in mice, brought new hope that treatment breakthrough may be on its way.

Health March 16, 2019

Three Or More Eggs A Week Linked To Increased Risk For Heart Disease

Are eggs more good or bad for the health? A new study adds to the debate, and unfortunately, it's not very good news for people who love to eat eggs.

Health March 16, 2019

Anti-Vax Parents Want Kids Back In School But Judge Disagrees

A federal judge refused the appeal of parents to allow their unvaccinated children back to school in Rockland County. The decision was a response to the current measles outbreak, which has already reached 147 confirmed cases.

Health March 15, 2019

Distant Relatives' Medical History May Indicate Your Risk For Alzheimer's Disease

Individuals with first-degree and second-degree relatives diagnosed with Alzheimer's have an increased risk of developing the same disease. Data also showed significant differences in gender and maternal or paternal origin.

Health March 19, 2019

Compound Found In Green Tea May Reverse Alzheimer's Symptoms

Scientists have identified two compounds found in green tea and carrots that can help retard the effects of Alzheimer's disease in mice. The team believes these components can have the same effects on human sufferers as well.

Health March 15, 2019

Mushrooms May Help Reduce Risk Of Memory Problems: These Are The Healthiest Ways To Cook Them

Reduced prevalence of mild cognitive impairment in people who eat mushrooms may be due to a compound called ergothioneine. What are the healthiest ways to cook mushrooms according to a 2016 scientific study?

Health March 15, 2019

Amazon Removes Books Claiming Unscientific Autism 'Cures'

Amazon is the latest online giant that's cracking down on unscientific and potentially dangerous misinformation. Two books were removed from the online platform, both promoting unproven cures for autism.

Health March 15, 2019

Claire's Recalls Makeup Products Because Of Asbestos Contamination

Claire's is conducting a voluntary recall of three cosmetics products for possible asbestos contamination. If inhaled, asbestos can cause serious adverse health issues.

Health March 14, 2019

28-Year-Old Mom Issy Fox Paralyzed By Stroke From Taking The Pill

Young mother Issy Fox finds her life changed after taking a contraceptive pill that causes stroke and temporary paralysis of her face and hand.

Health March 14, 2019

Actors Show DIfferent Brain Activity When Acting A Role

When actors take on a role, they transform into the character they are portraying and literally get lost in themselves. A new study on brain activity may help explain the science behind acting.

Health March 16, 2019

More Young Adults, Teens Experience Mental Health Problems In Past Decade

The percentage of teens and young adults with mental health issues increased sharply in the past decade. What may be the cause of the increase?

Health March 14, 2019

Man Who Used Cotton Bud In Ear Canal Suffers From Deadly Brain Infection

Fatal brain infection almost awaited a man who used cotton bud to clean his ears. The cotton swab lodged in his ear, causing him to have seizures and a traumatic near-death experience.

Health March 14, 2019

Gathering Of Top Experts Urge Moratorium On Gene-Editing Experiments Involving Babies

Two of the principal inventors of the CRISPR system signed a new moratorium on germline editing. The move was a direct response to a controversial experiment by Jiankui He in China four months ago.

Health March 14, 2019

Inactive Ingredients In Pills Such As Gluten And Dyes Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

A vast majority of oral medication contain elements that could trigger an allergy reaction on sensitive individuals, a new study reveals. Researchers break down the numbers and explain how proper labeling is important.

Health March 14, 2019

Viral Infection That Sickened 10 In UK Traced To Blood-Shedding Religious Ritual

Doctors wondered how the men contracted HTLV-1 because they did not engage in acts associated with infection. Scars found at the back of one of the patients revealed all men participated in religious self-flagellation.

Health March 14, 2019

Unvaccinated Kids Banned From Attending Schools In Italy

Three hundred children without mandatory vaccinations are turned away from kindergarten after parents failed to provide proper documentation of their immunizations. These measures are implemented under the Lorenzin law passed in 2017.

Health March 14, 2019

New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Could Be Alternative For People Who Experience Side Effects From Statin

The new drug, bempedoic acid, lowered LDL levels by 18 percent with fewer side effects than statin. Esperion Therapeutic is seeking FDA approval for the cholesterol-lowering drug.

Health March 13, 2019

Bill Aims To Allow Minors To Receive Vaccinations Without Parental Consent

New York legislators passed a bill to allow minors to get vaccines even without their parents' consent. The proposed law came after an unprecedented number of recent measles outbreaks in the state erupted.

Health March 14, 2019

Health Officials Warn LAX Travelers Of Possible Measles Exposure

A passenger who tested positive for measles had a layover at LAX on Feb. 21. Public health officials warned those who were in the area last month might have been exposed to the contagious disease.

Health March 13, 2019

More Than 250 Scientists Warn EMF From Wireless Devices Such as Apple's Airpods Poses Cancer Risk

Scientists signed a petition calling for stronger guidelines on wireless devices They cited scientific studies linking these gadgets to health problems such as cancer. Why are wireless headphones particularly concerning?

Health March 13, 2019

National Cancer Institute Director Ned Sharpless To Be Acting FDA Commissioner

Physician-scientist Norman ‘Ned’ Sharpless will take over FDA leadership from outgoing Commissioner Scott Gottlieb starting April. Sharpless is expected to continue the agency’s critical public health mission.

Health March 14, 2019

Pregnant Women Who Smoke 1 Cigarette A Day Doubles Baby's Risk For SUID

A new study found that the number of cigarettes smoked by pregnant women impacts a baby's risk of dying from SUID. Adding even one cigarette per day could double the risk associated with infants' sudden, unexpected deaths.

Health March 12, 2019

Orthodox Jews In New York Hit With The Worst Measles Outbreak In Decades, And Here’s Why

New York had the highest cases of measles since October 2018 due to lack of herd immunity. Public health officials said that most of the infected individuals are from the Orthodox Jewish communities in Rockland County, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Health March 14, 2019

Eye Test May Detect Alzheimer's Disease Before Symptoms Appear

Eye health may be a good reflection of a person's brain health. A thorough scan of retinal blood vessels shows whether a person could develop Alzheimer's disease.

Health March 13, 2019

Rabid Goat Puts 9 People In Danger Of Rabies

The DHEC confirmed that a goat in South Carolina has rabies, potentially exposing nine people to the deadly viral disease. Officials warned the public to avoid contact with stray and wild animals.

Health March 12, 2019

Babies Can Differentiate Between Friends And Strangers By Listening To Sound Of Laughter

Researchers from UCLA and New York University had one more important note to parents. Babies as young as 5 months old can differentiate co-laughter between friends and strangers.

Health March 12, 2019

Washing Hands Regularly Provides Good Protection From Flu

Proper handwashing is an easy and effective way to prevent the spread of the flu virus this season. To help the public avoid illnesses, the CDC has issued a guideline on how to properly wash the hands.

Health March 11, 2019

Outbreaks In US Forcing Officials To Quarantine New Migrants

An outbreak of infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccines have been reported among immigrants detained in ICE facilities. Thousands have been placed in quarantine, barring them from meeting with lawyers and denied access to libraries.

Health March 11, 2019

Iowa Health Officials Report First Child Death From Flu This Season

Iowa health officials revealed the death of a child in the state's latest flu weekly report. To prevent the spread of the disease, the state recommends getting a flu shot.

Health March 11, 2019

23andMe Genetic Report Can Tell If You Are Likely To Develop Type 2 Diabetes

23andMe used data of more than 2.5 million to develop its new genetic report on Type 2 diabetes. The DNA testing company said the report can identify people who may not know they have a genetic predisposition to diabetes.

Health March 11, 2019

Working Moms Could Be To Blame For Child Obesity Epidemic, Study Suggests

A study involving nearly 20,000 families revealed a link between overweight children and having a working mother. The association is more pronounced in children of working single mothers.

Health March 11, 2019

The Secret To A Happy Marriage Could Be In Your Genes

Researchers found that the secret to a happy marriage involves more than just love and trust. Science showed that genes play an important role in marital satisfaction and attachment security.

Health March 10, 2019

Lab-Grown Meat Gets Regulatory Oversight As FDA, USDA Team Up To Oversee Cell-Cultured Food Products

The FDA and USDA will work together to ensure lab-grown meat products are produced safely and labeled accurately. Cell-cultured meat won't simply use the terms hamburger or ground beef.

Health March 10, 2019

Guinness Names 116-year-Old Japanese Woman Kane Tanaka World's Oldest Person

A 116-year-old woman from Fukuoka, Japan is honored by Guinness as the oldest living person. Kane Tanaka keeps alert in her nursing home by studying math and playing board games.

Health March 9, 2019

Rabid Raccoons Identified In Manhattan For The First Time Since 2011

Rabid raccoons have been found in New York for the first time in eight years. Health authorities are urging New Yorkers to vaccinate their pets.

Health March 9, 2019

Injections Better Than Pills At Treating HIV

A new treatment for HIV promises to eliminate the need for daily pills to suppress the virus that causes AIDS. If approved, patients only need to visit a clinic once a month to get the necessary shots.

Health March 9, 2019

FDA Approves First Immunotherapy Treatment For Breast Cancer

The FDA approved the first immunotherapy drug to treat breast cancer. The medication was specifically prescribed for patients with triple-negative breast cancer, which is the metastatic and advanced-stage disease.

Health March 9, 2019

New Molecule Derived From Studying Anti-Bodies Could Result In More Effective Flu Treatment

A new treatment promises to offer long-term protection against the flu. Researchers are in the early stages of development of the drug which can bind and disable the areas of the influenza virus that remain constant in every strain.

Health March 9, 2019

Son Of Anti-Vaxers Shares Message About Vaccination After Getting Sick From Measles

A man who almost died after contracting measles spoke about his experience with the disease amid the current outbreak. He was not vaccinated as a kid because his parents believe the misinformation being spread by anti-vaxer communities.

Health March 9, 2019

Unvaccinated Oregon Boy Diagnosed With Tetanus Racks Up Nearly A Million Dollars In Medical Bills

A family paid nearly a million dollars in medical bills after an unvaccinated boy from Oregon suffered from Tetanus. The child spent more than two months in the hospital fighting for his life. After the ordeal, the family declined recommended subsequent vaccinations.

Health March 8, 2019

Facebook Announces Multi-Step Plan To Curb Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

In the wake of the measles outbreak and the continual rise of antivaxxers, Facebook announces a new set of policies to quell the spread of vaccine misinformation on their social media platform.

Health March 7, 2019

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