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Two Children Made Their Own Card Game When They Couldn’t Afford To Buy One

Two children found a way around not having enough money for trading card games by making one of their own. ‘Creature Cards’ is proof that your imagination can take you places.

Internet Culture February 4, 2016

The Satanic Temple Praises 'The Witch’ And Will Host Screenings In Four Cities

Jex Blackmore, national spokesperson for The Satanic Temple invites everyone to watch Robert Eggers' 'The Witch' this February. TST believes that Eggers' film is an accurate representation of old world views that are still influential in modern times.

Internet Culture February 4, 2016

A Scientific Explanation For 'Resting Bitch Face'

Researchers have said that 'Resting Bitch Faces' registers in the brain, as well as on sophisticated facial recognition machines, as displaying contempt. Prime celebrity examples of the Bitchy Resting Face are Kanye West and Anna Kendrick.

Internet Culture February 3, 2016

George Clooney And Hugh Laurie Perform Emergency 'Rapper's Delight' For 'ER' Reunion Skit On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

George Clooney teams up with Jimmy Kimmel and Hugh Laurie for an unlikely ER reunion. Watch the Hail, Caesar! actor perform emergency CPR with Rapper's Delight.

Internet Culture February 3, 2016

Two Fantasy Novels Win The First People's Choice Awards For Books

Two fantasy novels were declared the best of 2015 in the first book recognitions given by The People's Choice Awards. 'An Ember in the Ashes' and 'The Red Queen' were voted the people's favorite.

Internet Culture February 3, 2016

WWE Legend Bret Hart Opens Up About Prostate Cancer Diagnonsis

Wrestling superstar, Bret Hart, reveals that he has prostate cancer and plans to win his battle against 'The Big C.' Fans send their support and prayers to the WWE Hall of Famer.

Internet Culture February 3, 2016

Serial Killer Documentaries To Stream On Netflix

Explore the minds of serial killers by streaming these crime documentaries available on Netflix.

Internet Culture February 5, 2016

Netflix Will Premiere New Sketch Comedy Series 'The Characters' This March

Netflix announced its new sketch comedy original series 'The Characters,' starring eight up-and-coming comedians, will debut on March 11.

Internet Culture February 1, 2016

Create Your Own 'Super Mario Maker' Wallpaper

'Super Mario Maker' rewards creativity in a way that few games can claim to ... and now, thanks to Nintendo, you can use that same creativity on your desktop wallpaper.

Internet Culture February 1, 2016

DC Comics Instagram Teases 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Easter Eggs

DC fans with sharp eyes have noticed some familiar objects on Rip Hunter's time-traveling spaceship on 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow.' The series' Instagram account recently shed more light on those items.

Internet Culture February 1, 2016

Facebook's Little Secret: How To Access Lo-Fi ASCII Versons Of All Your Facebook And Instagram Photos

Facebook and Instagram have been making ASCII versions of all photos uploaded in their sites. Find out how to access ASCII versions of photos in your own account.

Internet Culture January 30, 2016

A Brief History Of NFL Commentators And Players Bashing The Microsoft Surface Tablet

From painfully being referred to as iPads, to being thrown and bashed over the heads of players and even being blamed for a team's loss, the Microsoft Surface tablets have borne plenty of abuse in the NFL. So much for Microsoft paying the league $400 million to be its official sideline tech sponsor.

Internet Culture January 28, 2016

Fuller House Cast Talks Returning To The Family In New Behind-The-Scenes Video

Netflix released a new 'Fuller House' video that brings fans behind-the-scenes of the highly-anticipated series.

Internet Culture January 27, 2016

It Took 18,000 LEGO Pieces To Create This Batman Arkham Asylum

An Australian LEGO builder used 18,000 bricks and other LEGO pieces to create an impressive replica of Batman's hospital for the mentally insane, Arkham Asylum, which also features five rooms and seven cells.

Internet Culture January 27, 2016

MMA Meets American Gladiator In New Combat Sports Show From Russia

MMA fighters face off in a ring filed with obstacles in this fighting show originally from Russia. Arena Combat follows international MMA rules and has fighters facing off in teams.

Internet Culture January 27, 2016

Google Doodle Honors Beatrice Tinsley: How This Astronomer Overcame Sexism And Reached For The Stars

Google paid tribute to one of astronomy's lesser-known geniuses, Beatrice Tinsley. Find out why Tinsley deserved some love and acknowledgment not only from the scientific community but from everyone, especially women experiencing sexism at the workplace.

Internet Culture January 27, 2016

Interview: 'Criminal' Co-Creator Talks Podcast Success And The Obsession With True Crime Stories

Reporter Phoebe Judge discusses what it takes to make her true crime podcast 'Criminal,' and why these kinds of cases make for good stories.

Internet Culture January 30, 2016

Burglars Take $75,000 Worth of 'Magic: The Gathering' Cards From Austin Shop

An Austin shop was robbed of its most valuable 'Magic: The Gathering' cards on Jan. 24. Austin Police assigned a detective who plays it to expedite solving the case.

Internet Culture January 27, 2016

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video February 2016: The Best Of What’s New To Streaming

Here are the new movies and TV series being added to the three popular streaming service platforms in the month of February.

Internet Culture January 31, 2016

'Lord Of The Rings' Gets The 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Treatment

One of the highlights of the 'Suicide Squad' trailer was the use of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' One fan decided to use that and do a 'Suicide Squad'-inspired trailer for 'Lord of the Rings.'

Internet Culture January 26, 2016

How Mark Zuckerberg's Monochromatic Wardrobe Helps His Success

Mark Zuckerberg's wardrobe is apparently a contributor to his success. Find out why not having to think about what to wear helps a person succeed.

Internet Culture January 26, 2016

Rapper B.o.B Wants Twitter To Know The Earth Is Flat

Rapper B.o.B. insists that the Earth is flat and we've all been deceived by science books. Neil deGrasse Tyson tries to explain, to no avail.

Internet Culture January 26, 2016

HBO And HBO GO February 2016: New Movies, TV Shows And Returning Favorites

New movies like 'Furious 7' and 'Magic Mike XXL' will debut on HBO in February, along with the premieres of season 5 of 'Girls' and the debut of the new series 'Vinyl.'

Internet Culture January 25, 2016

Netflix February 2016: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Being Added To And Leaving Instant Streaming

New content coming to Netflix in February includes original series like 'Fuller House' and 'Love,' as well as movies like 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.'

Internet Culture January 25, 2016

Shiver From Cold And Fear With These Winter-Themed Scary Movies

A snowy day can make anyone shiver but there's nothing like the one brought about by a terror-filled horror film. Feel the chill run down your spine with some of the scariest horror films that are definitely worth watching.

Internet Culture January 25, 2016

4th Grader Gets 3D Printed Bionic Arm Personally Delivered By Darth Vader

Darth Vader did a good deed for an Omaha boy born without a right arm. Right in front of his schoolmates, Alvin Garcia Flores received a new bionic Stormtrooper arm from the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

Internet Culture January 25, 2016

Pastafarians React To 'Dark Noodles' In Milky Way News On Twitter

Astronomers at CSIRO observed noodle-like gaseous structures in the Milky Way recently. This prompted Pastafarians to celebrate over proof of the flying spaghetti monster's existence.

Internet Culture January 25, 2016

ASCII Version Of 'The Matrix' Is The World's Oldest And Still Active Torrent

A fan-made ASCII rendering of 'The Matrix' becomes known as the oldest active torrent. It may be time to choose between the red pill or the blue pill.

Internet Culture January 25, 2016

Swear Word Coloring Books For Adults Let You Channel Your Rage Into Works Of Art

Adult coloring books are all the rage. Now get some of that rage out of your potty mouth and onto paper with fancy swear words you can color.

Internet Culture January 22, 2016

Fitbit Record Of The Exact Moment This Guy Was Dumped Goes Viral

Fitbit captures a guy's heart rate on the day of his break-up. The wearable assumed he was working out and tracked his heart rate as resulting in a 1.5 hour fat burn.

Internet Culture January 22, 2016

Stream These Classic '90s Sci-Fi Series On Netflix To Celebrate The Return Of 'The X-Files'

Celebrating the return of 'The X-Files' on Fox on Sunday? Here are the best sci-fi series that aired in the 1990s that are available to stream on Netflix.

Internet Culture January 23, 2016

Amazon Video February 2016: Stream These New Movies And TV Shows Being Added

The complete list of new movies and TV series added to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Video includes 'Steve Jobs,' 'The Age of Adaline,' 'American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson,' and the Amazon originals 'Chi-Raq' and 'The New Yorker Presents.'

Internet Culture January 21, 2016

Google News Is Trusted More Than Journalists As News Source According To Survey

More people trust news aggregator Google News over actual news sites and journalists as a news source according to a global survey conducted by Edelman. News shared by family and friends were also shown to be deemed more trustworthy than news shared by academics.

Internet Culture January 21, 2016

Study Makes A Case For 'Aquaintance Category' On Facebook

People who have more than 200 friends on Facebook actually just have a lot of acquaintances, says a new study. According to the Dunbar's Number theory, people can only have up to 150 real friends.

Internet Culture January 21, 2016

Hulu February 2016: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream

Hulu is releasing new TV series and movies in February, including the return of 'Gotham,' 'Sleepy Hollow' and movies like 'An Officer and a Gentleman.'

Internet Culture January 20, 2016

This 'Titanic' Model Uses 120,000 Lego Bricks - Including Minifigs Clinging For Survival

This Lego Titanic uses 120,000 pieces and took 250 hours to build. Minifigs are scattered throughout to give this amazing Lego replica more heart than others.

Internet Culture January 20, 2016

We Can't Get Enough Of This Cat That Looks Like Adam Driver: Here Are Other Celebrity Look-A-Like Cats

Corey the Adam Driver Look-a-like cat has been adopted and renamed Kylo Ren. Here are other cats that would fit right into the Star Wars galaxy.

Internet Culture January 20, 2016

Netflix Announces 'Pee-Wee's Big Holiday' March Premiere Date In First Teaser

Netflix's original feature film 'Pee-Wee's Big Holiday,' starring Paul Reubens as the iconic character, will debut on March 18.

Internet Culture January 19, 2016

'Star Wars'-Themed And Hacker-Friendly Passwords Are On The Rise

SplashData has released its fifth annual list for the worst passwords on the Internet, and it looks like 2015 saw a popularity uptick with Star Wars-themed PWs — ones that also happen to be the most hackable.

Internet Culture January 19, 2016

'Minecraft' Becomes Fastest Growing Search Term...On Pornhub?

Pornhub has revealed that 'Minecraft' is one of its most popular search terms. The adult entertainment site dug deep for insights on Minecraft porn searches.

Internet Culture January 19, 2016

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