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February 25 Is ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Day In Pasadena

‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been on air for almost nine years. Pasadena is celebrating with the show as it hits its 200th episode, declaring Feb. 25 as ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Day in the city.

Internet Culture February 22, 2016

Donald Trump Makes Perfect Sense In The World Of 'Game Of Thrones'

Donald Trump shows that he can fit right in the world of Westeros and Essos in this 'Game of Thrones' parody. Watch how Trump manipulates all the players and plays for power like a pro with his actual speeches.

Internet Culture February 21, 2016

Amazon Video March 2016: Stream These New Movies And TV Shows Being Added

New titles coming to Amazon Instant Streaming in March include the original series 'Bosch' and the season 3 premiere of 'Orphan Black,' as well as movies like 'Ghostbusters' and 'American Psycho.'

Internet Culture February 23, 2016

Netflix March 2016: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Being Added To And Leaving Instant Streaming

New content coming to Netflix in March includes new seasons of the popular original series 'Daredevil' and 'House of Cards,' as well as movies like 'Scarface' and the original film 'Pee-wee's Big Holiday.'

Internet Culture February 22, 2016

'The Name Of The Rose' Author Umberto Eco Dies At 84

Italian novelist, Umberto Eco, has died at age 84. The world-renowned author is best known for his work 'The Name Of The Rose,' a murder-thriller set in a 14th century monastery.

Internet Culture February 20, 2016

Crackle March 2016: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream

Crackle is releasing new movies and TV shows in March, including episodes of 'Comedians in Cars With Coffee,' 'The Rum Diary' and 'Ghostbusters.'

Internet Culture February 23, 2016

HBO And HBO GO March 2016: New Movies, TV Shows And Returning Favorites

New movies like 'Pitch Perfect 2' and 'Vacation' will debut on HBO in March, along with new episodes of 'Girls' and Vinyl.'

Internet Culture February 22, 2016

Showtime March 2016: The Complete List Of New Titles Available To Stream

Here are the new titles being added to the Showtime streaming service in the month of March.

Internet Culture February 19, 2016

Stephen Curry Becomes The Most-Watched Athlete On YouTube

The reigning NBA MVP has amassed a total of 140 million-plus views on the video-streaming service.

Internet Culture February 19, 2016

Monopoly Gets Rid Of Paper Money For Credit Cards In Latest Edition

The classic board game is getting a makeover in Monopoly Ultimate Banking - it ditches cash for credit card payments and adds a new 'Life Events' feature.

Internet Culture February 19, 2016

Savor These Fine Wines With Your Favorite TV Show Because Today Is National Drink Wine Day

Sit back with the perfect glass of wine and your favorite TV series without the guilt. Feb. 18 is National Drink Wine Day and we've got the perfect parings to go with the best shows on television and Netflix.

Internet Culture February 19, 2016

When Danica Patrick Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver

Let's just say the Nascar professional more than took her unsuspecting customers for a spin around town.

Internet Culture February 18, 2016

This Generator Lets You Make Your Own Fake Donald Trump Tweets

Want to tweet like Trump? Here you go.

Internet Culture February 18, 2016

This 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Really Doesn't Grasp Geography

This guy learned the hard way that you should always know where Venice is.

Internet Culture February 18, 2016

HONY Satire 'Millennials Of New York' Lampoons The Generation Everyone Loves To Hate

This millennial-inspired New York parody account of the blog-turned-book 'Humans of New York' pokes fun at the generation everyone loves to hate - and it might be the most popular HONY satirization yet.

Internet Culture February 18, 2016

Ronda Rousey Reveals To Ellen What Kept Her Going After Contemplating Suicide Over Holly Holm KO

Ronda Rousey gets emotional on 'The Ellen Show' as they talked about her shocking loss to Holly Holm in the Nov. 2015 match. Find out why the former Bantamweight champion thought of ending her life and what keeps her going now.

Internet Culture February 18, 2016

Hulu March 2016: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream

Hulu is releasing new TV series and movies in March, including new episodes of 'Gotham' and the series premiere of the original series 'The Path,' as well as movies like 'Top Gun' and 'Dude, Where's My Car.'

Internet Culture February 23, 2016

This 'Simple' Lifehack Explains Everything On Wikipedia As If You Were A Five-Year-Old

A lifehack is about to make your Wikipedia experience a lot more simple.

Internet Culture February 17, 2016

This 'Harry Potter' Clock Works Just Like The One In The Weasley House

One 'Harry Potter' fan decided to use location technology to build a 'magical' clock that works just like the timepiece used by the Weasley family in the novels and movies.

Internet Culture February 17, 2016

Kanye West Channels Steve Jobs In His Latest Twitter Rant About The Cost Of Education

Kanye West goes on yet another Twitter rant, this time voicing a more humble opinion that teachers should be paid more for their work.

Internet Culture February 17, 2016

Bill Simmons Announces New Website 'The Ringer'

The announcement for the new website comes less than a year since ESPN fired the sports personality and four months after it shuttered the Grantland website that he founded.

Internet Culture February 17, 2016

How To Hide Netflix Titles Already Streamed From The 'Continue Watching' Section

This Netflix hack allows subscribers to remove titles they already streamed from appearing in the 'Continue Watching' section on their homepage.

Internet Culture February 16, 2016

500,000 Pirated Copies Of Kanye's New 'Life Of Pablo' Album Isn't Helping His $53 Million 'Personal Debt'

Kanye West fans upset about the 'limited availability' of the rapper's newest album, 'Life of Pablo,' have taken to other sources to get it — and as a result, roughly 500,000 copies of the record have been pirated so far.

Internet Culture February 16, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Gets The Oscar In This 8-Bit Browser Game

Leonardo DiCaprio races down the red carpet to win his first Oscar in this arcade game for Web browsers.

Internet Culture February 16, 2016

Lady Gaga's Tribute To David Bowie On The Red Carpet And On The Stage

Lady Gaga only had David Bowie on her mind during the Grammy Awards. The artist paid tribute to the Thin White Duke with a medley of his greatest hits during one of the longest segments of the live broadcast.

Internet Culture February 16, 2016

People Can Now Create Their Own Kanye West 'The Life Of Pablo' Album Cover

This do-it-yourself album cover generator for the rapper's newest LP is a stroke of genius. See for yourself.

Internet Culture February 15, 2016

Ryan Reynolds Let Young 'Deadpool' Fan With Cancer See The Film First

Connor McGrath earned the admiration of Ryan Reynolds for enduring aggressive cancer treatments since 2013. As a result, the young fan was given the honor of being the first person to ever see the 'Deadpool' film.

Internet Culture February 15, 2016

Our Top Ten List Of Science Fiction's Most Memorable Presidents

The top ten list of the most memorable presidents from the world of Science Fiction. From "Dr. Strangelove" to "Independence Day," here are our favorite fictional Presidents.

Internet Culture February 14, 2016

The Best Valentine's Day Movies Hopeless Romantics Should Stream On Netflix

Feel the love this Valentine's Day by streaming these Netflix movies that include timeless classic and hilarious rom-coms.

Internet Culture February 13, 2016

Someone Trolled The University Of Michigan By Spamming Its Students With 'Hotline Bling' Lyrics

Someone sent spam emails throughout the University of Michigan, under the name of 'Hotline Bling Bling Boi.'

Internet Culture February 11, 2016

Pornhub Invites You To Watch More Porn This February To Save The Whales

Pornhub wants people to focus on a bigger type of majestic swimmers in its 'Save the Whales' campaign. Find out how people can help improve the lives of cetaceans through the porn streaming site.

Internet Culture February 11, 2016

'Fallout 4' Ramen Makes Its Real-World Debut

Diamond City's Power Noodles is a frequent stop for wasteland wanderers playing through 'Fallout 4' - and now, Takahashi's famous noodles are available in the real world, too.

Internet Culture February 10, 2016

Netflix Announces New Animated Series 'Beat Bugs' Inspired By Beatles Songs

Netflix will release a new original animated series for children this summer that features songs from the Beatles.

Internet Culture February 10, 2016

Comic Book Movies And TV Series To Stream After Watching 'Deadpool'

Here are the comic book movies and series streaming on Netflix that star lesser-known antiheroes like Deadpool.

Internet Culture February 12, 2016

There's Now A Tinder For 'Destiny' Players Looking To Get Some Crimson Doubles Love

Two Reddit users created a web-based app that helps 'Destiny' players get matched with others to play the new Crimson Doubles event.

Internet Culture February 10, 2016

Can You Name Them All? Google Doodle Honors The Father Of The Periodic Table Dmitri Mendeleev

Google honors Dmitri Mendeleev on his 182nd birthday as a Google Doodle. Mendeleev was the first chemist to logically place all the known elements into a table showing how they relate to each other.

Internet Culture February 8, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg And Family Send Lunar New Year Message In Mandarin

Mark Zuckerberg and family released a Lunar New Year message entirely in Mandarin. The couple revealed that they celebrated Chinese New year by hosting famous chefs from China at Facebook and also shared baby Max's Chinese name.

Internet Culture February 7, 2016

Disney Wants Drones To Display Movies Over Parks

Disney has filed papers to use specially designed drones to project movies around the Disney Theme Parks. The company has filed for exemptions from the FAA to allow the unmanned quadcopters to operate over large crowds.

Internet Culture February 6, 2016

How To Play The Hidden Chess Game In Facebook Messenger

Now you can play chess on Facebook Messenger. The hidden feature can be unlocked directly from any conversation and played with a few simple commands.

Internet Culture February 5, 2016

Kylo Home With Vader: Florida Cop Adopts Puppy After Routine Call To Animal Shelter

A Florida cop whose photo with a shelter puppy went viral has named him Kylo and brought him home to meet his brother Vader. Kylo will be fostered by the cop until he is old enough to be officially adopted.

Internet Culture February 5, 2016

A Web Developer Recreated 'The Simpsons' Characters Using Computer Code

A UK-based web developer was able to recreate popular 'Simpsons' characters entirely using CSS.

Internet Culture February 4, 2016

Winners Likelier To Be Dishonest In The Future According To Research

Winning is great and anyone would want to continue the feeling. This may be why researchers have found that winners have a tendency to engage in dishonest behavior after a competition.

Internet Culture February 5, 2016

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