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Microwaving Tea Could Bring Health Benefits: Is Everyone Convinced?

Microwaving green tea could have health benefits per a 2012 study. The study asserted that microwave heat used to brew tea, makes the drink healthier and tastier.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 12, 2017

Sprint Customers Who Preordered Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Will Get $100 eCertificate

Sprint customers who preordered the carrier’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ would benefit from a freebie. They would be entitled to an eCertificate worth $100.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 12, 2017

'Rainbow Six Siege' Upcoming DLC: Here's What To Expect

A new leak revealed several gameplay details for Ubisoft’s 'Rainbow Six Siege.’ The next DLC of the multiplayer game is expected to release in May.

Video Games April 11, 2017

Raspberry Pi 3: Users Can Now Build Devices That Can Take Cortana Commands

With the arrival of Windows 10 Creators Update, Raspberry Pi 3 will support Microsoft's Cortana in tech projects based on Windows 10 IoT core. The Creators Update will be pushed out from April 11.

Computers April 11, 2017

Samsung Rolls Out Android 7.0 Nougat Update For Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 And Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Samsung started rolling out the much-awaited Android 7.0 Nougat update for both its 9.7-inch and 8.-inch variants of the Galaxy Tab S2. The OTA update brings the Game Launcher for the Galaxy Tab S2, a new UI, and more.

Apps/Software April 10, 2017

Scientists Planning To Start Clinical Trial Of Acne Vaccine On Humans In Next Few Years

Acne has been an age old problem for adults and adolescents alike. However, scientists have come up with an acne vaccine that will go for human trials in the next two years.

Medicine April 8, 2017

New iPad: Should You Buy The Latest Apple Tablet?

Apple released its new iPad on March 21, which replaced the iPad Air 2. The new iPad is priced at an affordable $329 and boasts an enhanced CPU, but is it worth buying?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 7, 2017

Meet SwitchCharge: Nintendo Switch Case That Enhances Battery Life Of The Console

Nintendo Switch could soon get additional battery support thanks to a charging case dubbed SwitchCharge. This case would provide an additional 12,000 mAh battery support to the portable gaming console.

Gadgets April 7, 2017

SpaceX Saving Significant Costs By Reusing Falcon 9 Rockets

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell mentioned at a conference that the company saved tons of money by reusing a Falcon 9 rocket. The refurbished Falcon 9 rocket was used to lift-off a SES-10 satellite onto the Earth’s orbit.

Space April 6, 2017

GSK Recalls Around 600,000 Ventolin Asthma Inhalers In The US

GlaxoSmithKline voluntarily recalled over 593,000 inhalers due to a defect in its packaging, which caused suspected propellant leakage. The company confirmed that this issue was not a direct threat to patients inhaling the product.

Public Health April 6, 2017

Can Taking Antibiotics For Extended Period Increase Precancerous Colon Growths?

Consumption of antibiotics for an extended period could increase the risk of colon cancer in women. However, using antibiotics for a short period doesn't eliminate the risk of precancerous colon growths.

Public Health April 5, 2017

Zika Poses Higher Risk Of Birth Defects In US Than Previously Estimated

A CDC study has found that one in every 10 pregnant women infected by Zika virus gives birth to babies with birth defects. Researchers have recommended CT scans for babies infected with Zika to check for underlying abnormalities.

Public Health April 5, 2017

International Space Station: Russia May Extend Partnership, Reveals Roscosmos

Russia could extend its partnership with the United States, Japan, Canada, and Europe for the ISS. Roscosmos previously stated that it would support the ISS mission until 2024.

Space April 5, 2017

Flu Vaccination Can Save Lives Of Children: Study

A CDC study revealed that vaccinated children run a lesser risk of succumbing to flu virus, compared with non-vaccinated kids. The result was determined after a data analysis of four flu seasons from 2010 to 2014.

Public Health April 5, 2017

Rescuers Trying To Find Gray Whale Entangled In Metal Frame Off Southern California Coast

Rescuers are on the lookout for a gray whale in Southern California. The whale has been spotted entangled in some sort of metal frame, which is estimated to be a part of some fishing gear.

Animals April 4, 2017

Researchers Discover Art And Jewelry Dating Back To Last Ice Age

Archaeologists discovered an array of jewelry and art objects from a cave in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The artifacts date back 30,000 years ago and reportedly belong to the last ice age.

Ancient April 4, 2017

Here's How NASA Plans To Explore Mars With Unmanned Drones

NASA is on course to develop a new drone for Martian research and exploration. The unmanned drone, dubbed Mars Electric Flyer, will fly in the Martian atmosphere for in-depth exploration of the planet.

Space April 4, 2017

Astronomers Confirm Mysterious Radio Bursts Come From Outer Space

A new study discovered three new Fast Radio Bursts, which were captured by the Molonglo radio telescope, located in Australia. The huge focal length of the radio telescope enabled it to search for maximum FRBs.

Space April 4, 2017

Researchers Find Novel Way Of Detecting Skin Cancer From Gene-Based Blood Tests

Researchers have developed new blood tests to aid in the identification of signs for recurring metastatic melanoma. Currently, the tests are available for research purposes, but would become available in clinics in the near future.

Public Health April 4, 2017

Crying Chart For Newborns: British And Canadian Babies Cry The Most

The new universal crying chart revealed that babies from Britain, Canada, and Italy cry more than infants from other countries. Researchers stated that crying could vary because of several reasons such as, parenting, feeding, and social inequality.

Life & Style April 4, 2017

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