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Melting Sea Ice Boosting Life In Arctic Waters?

A new study conducted at the University of Southern Denmark revealed that melting sea ice is boosting microscopic life in Arctic waters. The study observed the growth of algae in the Arctic waters following the warm weather.

Earth/Environment April 3, 2017

Google Map Maker Officially Shuts Down, Some Features Integrated Into Google Maps

Google shut down its Map Maker on March 31 and many key features are integrated into Google Maps. The company would strive to incorporate minor features of Google Map Maker into Google Maps in the near term.

Google April 3, 2017

James Webb Space Telescope Getting Ready For 2018 Launch

The James Webb Space Telescope is being readied for its 2018 launch and is in its final stages of inspection. The telescope is scheduled to be lifted off from Kourou, French Guiana, in 2018.

Space April 2, 2017

Cigarette Prices On The Rise In California: Here's Why

Under Proposition 56, the government increased the price of a packet of cigarettes by $2 and a carton by $20 in California. The additional money collected will go toward research on tobacco-related diseases and prevention programs.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 1, 2017

Comcast Clears The Air Over Sale Of Customers' Browsing History

Comcast has cleared the air over the controversy surrounding sale of customers' browsing histories. The company affirmed it would not share sensitive web data without opt-in consent from consumers.

Internet April 1, 2017

Experimental Zika Vaccine Successfully Moves To Broader Testing

The phase 2 trials of an experimental Zika vaccine have started. The first volunteer received the DNA-based experimental vaccine in Houston, at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Medicine April 1, 2017

Scientists Explain How Deep Breaths Calm The Mind

A new study has found that deep breathing is crucial to combat depression and anxiety. However, the research was conducted on mice and a study of the same on humans is on its way.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 31, 2017

NASA Astronaut Breaks Record For Most Spacewalks By A Woman

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson broke the record of most spacewalks by a woman, logging in 53 hours and 22 minutes. The title was previously held by NASA astronaut Sunita Williams.

Space March 31, 2017

Nintendo Switch Data Cannot Be Saved If The Console Bricks

Gamers using Nintendo Switch run the risk of losing all their data if the console bricks. The Nintendo Switch reportedly does not provide the option for external game data backup.

Video Games March 31, 2017

Ford Recalls 570K Cars Over Door Latch And Engine Problems

Ford recalled over 570,000 vehicles due to defective door latches and risk of engine fire. No accidents or injuries have been caused because of the faulty door latches of the recalled Ford vehicles.

Car Tech March 30, 2017

Binge Drinking Among Older American Women On The Rise

Binge drinking has increased drastically among older American women, according to a new study. The study could not decode the reason behind this trend, but researchers stated that the issue is quite problematic.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 30, 2017

Donald Trump Finally Stops Using Unsecured Android Phone And Switches To iPhone

President Donald Trump has finally switched to an iPhone from his unsecured Android device. Trump was reportedly using an off-the-shelf Samsung smartphone even after becoming the President of the United States.

Life & Style March 30, 2017

Tesla Latest Software 8.1 Update Brings New Features To Model S And Model X

Tesla pushed out the Software 8.1 update on March 29, which brings an array of handy features. Model S and Model X owners benefit from Lane Change, Autosteer, driverless parking, and more.

Car Tech March 30, 2017

Opiate Overdose Responsible For Higher Rate Of Early Deaths, Study Says

Opiates are reportedly responsible for high number of premature deaths in the United States. The problem of drug abuse has not only led to premature deaths, but also high rates of unemployment and school dropouts.

Medicine March 30, 2017

Hepatitis B And Hepatitis C: Improved Efforts Can Wipe Out The Diseases By 2030 In US

A research committee has laid out a plan to successfully eradicate hepatitis B and C from the United States by 2030. The plan suggests that the federal government acquire license rights for expensive drugs used to treat these diseases.

Public Health March 29, 2017

Massive Magnetic Waves Over Earth's Surface Could Exist In Sun's Atmosphere Too

Scientists have found that the magnetic Rossby waves, which occur in the Earth’s atmosphere, exist in the Sun’s atmosphere as well. This may help scientists make correct predictions of solar storms and flares in the future.

Space March 29, 2017

'World Of Warcraft' Phishing Campaign Has One Objective: Lure Gamers With Free In-Game Pet Promise

A phishing scam has impacted the 'World of Warcraft' and compromises user credentials. The phishing campaign is designed to lure players by supposedly offering free pets in the game.

Security March 29, 2017

Samsung Store Catches Fire Prior To Galaxy S8 Unveiling

A Samsung Experience Store in Singapore’s AMK Hub mall caught fire, a day before the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The fire was brought under control quickly and no injuries were reported.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 29, 2017

Playing Video Games Can Help Combat Depression, Says Study

Playing video games can help combat depression per a new study. The introduction of video games led to a feeling of control among the participants, which helped treat overall depression symptoms.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 28, 2017

Moto X 2017 Images And Possible Hardware Specs Leak

A user on Google+ leaked a set of images purportedly belonging to the upcoming 2017 variant of Moto X. The leaked images specs indicate that the phone could be a mid-range offering from the company.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 28, 2017

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