Google bid adieu to its Map Maker on March 31, pulling the plug on the map editing app. Google's support page shared that some Map Maker's features will be integrated into Google Maps.

The decision of discontinuing Google Map Maker was well thought out by the company. Google revealed that over time, several substantial functionalities of the service were moved over to Google Maps.

All the primary editing services provided by the now-discontinued service have made their way to Google Maps, for both the mobile and desktop versions of the app. Although, a few minor services from Google Map Maker are yet to be integrated into Google Maps, the company assures that these features will soon make their way to Maps in time.

Google has not shared any time window within which it will reintroduce these features. However, more details could be available by summer.

Google's Local Guides Program

Meanwhile, users can join the company's Local Guides program and contribute to the mapping community of Google.

This program provides a platform for users to not only share their views, but also knowledge about an area or a specific place. Users get digital points and can use them to unlock different rewards.

With the use of Local Guides program, individuals can also get early bird access to brand new Google Map features.

Services Available On Google Maps

The services that are currently available in Google Maps are as follows:

Add a place: This feature allows users to add any public places and businesses, such as a restaurant or a store to the map.

Edit information about a place: If a user notices any incorrect information about a place on Google Maps, such as the name or the exact location, they can inform Google and provide the correct information.

Sharing details: If a user has any additional information about a place, beyond the address and working hours of the business, they can share it on Google Maps with the help of this feature. For example, one can share if a particular restaurant has outdoor or indoor seating, serves vegan, or all types of food, other than its primary information.

Missions: Local Guides having Android devices can now use the beta version of the new Missions feature. This will allow a user to discover missing information, as well as verify existing information on Google Maps.

Edit status: Google introduced a new feature using which, one can check the status of the changes or edits they made in Google Maps. With the help of this feature, a user can keep track of all the edits they have made. They can also check the status of an edit i.e. whether it is "Approved", "Pending," or "Not applied."

Road segment edits: With the help of these features, Local Guides at level 3, level 4, and level 5 will be able to edit and add information about roads.

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