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Toxic Chemicals From Recycled E-Waste Leech Into Our Food Packaging

There's a high demand for black plastics because of its color and durability, but it's a material that's rarely recycled properly. What's the danger of recycling black plastic from e-waste?

Earth/Environment June 1, 2018

Study Traces Genetic Ancestry Of Inca Emperors, Sheds Light On Origin Legends

Where did the Inca empire's royals really come from? There are two legends that relate to their origin, and a new study may have confirmed both.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Three Victims Sue Ex-Gambian President Over Fake AIDS Treatment

The ex-president of Gambia is being sued for his fake AIDS treatment program that forced people to stop taking anti-retroviral drugs. The country is slowly making significant progress in response to HIV/AIDS.

Medicine June 1, 2018

TLC Launches Show About Family With Over 80 Pets

TLC's controversial new show 'Our Wild Life' shows what it’s like to live with over 80 animals at home. The show has since gotten reactions that vary from amused to critical.

Feature | Health May 27, 2018

Cockroach Milk Has More Protein And Nutrients Than Regular Milk: The Next Superfood Trend?

Cockroach milk may still need some time before becoming the next superfood trend despite it being supposedly nutritious and protein-rich. What are superfoods and why are they trendy?

Healthy Living/Wellness May 27, 2018

Wildlife Sanctuary Owner Mourns Death Of Four Big Cats Poisoned By Poachers

A wildlife sanctuary owner found that four of his big cats, including a very rare tiger cub, were poisoned by poachers. Poaching remains to be a big problem for the wildlife of Africa.

Animals May 26, 2018

Ebola Outbreak Persists In DRC: How Ebola Vaccine Can Help Deal With The Threat

Can the Ebola vaccine really help stop the outbreak? The vaccine is yet to be approved, but it has so far proven to be 100 percent effective in preventing Ebola.

Public Health May 26, 2018

Brain-Damaging Virus Kills At Least 11 In India: What Is Nipah Virus?

Nipah virus is a fairly new disease that is pretty lethal with a 30 to 70 percent mortality rate. Small outbreaks across Asia and Bangladesh have been recorded since its discovery in 1998.

Public Health May 26, 2018

FDA Warns Of So-Called 'Sunscreen Pills': What Are They?

Can so-called 'sunscreen pills' really protect the skin from harmful UV rays? FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says no pills can replace topical sunscreens.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 26, 2018

Measles Patient May Have Exposed Virus To People At Dulles International Airport And Other Areas

A measles patient may have exposed Dullus International Airport and Montgomery County individuals to the virus in mid-May. Most cases of measles in the United States originate from unvaccinated international travelers.

Public Health May 25, 2018

DNA Evidence Helps Solve 31-Year-Old Double Murder Case: How Does Genetic Sleuthing Work?

A cold case was finally solved when investigators used a public genealogy database to track down the person responsible for double murder in 1987. Could this method also result in privacy breaches?

Feature | Science May 25, 2018

Egg Farm Files Petition To FDA Over 'Healthy' Food Labeling

A company filed a petition to the FDA to allow eggs have a 'healthy' label despite exceeding cholesterol limits. To the company’s knowledge, they are the only egg company that has filed a similar petition to the FDA.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 24, 2018

Banned Ozone-Depleting Chemical Possibly Still Being Produced: What Are Chlorofluorocarbons?

Why is it important to keep chlorofluorocarbon emissions down? The chemicals actively destroy the ozone, which could potentially lead to our exposure to harmful radiation.

Earth/Environment May 21, 2018

Paper Suggests Octopuses Came From Space: Here's Why Octopuses Are So Fascinating

Is it possible that octopuses really originated from outer space? Many scientists disagree, but the creatures are so unique, intelligent, and complex that they're really out of this world.

Animals May 21, 2018

Research Finds How Long-Term Social Isolation Changes The Brain

Socially isolated mice were found to be more aggressive, persistently fearful, and hypersensitive to threat stimuli. Researchers found specific brain chemistry changes associated with social isolation-related behavior, but they also found a potential treatment.

Neuroscience May 21, 2018

Surgeon General Attends To Medical Emergency On Delta Flight

Surgeon General Jerome Adams responded to a medical emergency when a co-passenger on a Delta flight lost consciousness. Adams said he was 'glad to be able to assist.'

Feature | Health May 17, 2018

Ozone-Depleting Chemical Emissions On The Rise, Possible Violation Of International Protocol Suspected

Is the ozone layer healing or is there a new threat on the rise? A possible violation of the Montreal Protocol may be causing the increase in emissions of an ozone-depleting chemical that has already been banned.

Earth/Environment May 17, 2018

Opioid Overdose Deaths Boost Number Of Transplantable Organs

Organ donations from donors who died of a drug-overdose has increased over 10-fold in the United States since the year 2000. Is this related to the opioid epidemic?

Medicine May 17, 2018

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Linked To Hormone Imbalance Before Birth, Possible Treatment Developed: Study

Researchers found the specific hormone that may be responsible for the development of PCOS. Fortunately, they were also able to find a potential treatment for it.

Medicine May 16, 2018

Rare Dinosaur Skeleton Goes On Display At A Cincinnati Brewery

For the first time, the rare Galeamopus skeleton discovered in 2000 will be displayed for the public. The event at a brewery is in support of the Cincinnati Museum Center where the dinosaur will be housed in November.

Animals May 14, 2018

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