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West Nile Virus Reported In Over 20 States In 2018

Over 20 U.S. states have reported cases of West Nile virus in humans, mosquitoes, and birds since the beginning of 2018. The presence of the disease in birds is actually one way to test the disease's presence in a location.

Public Health July 8, 2018

Common Heart Medication Recalled In 22 Countries For Possibly Containing Carcinogenic Chemical

Why is a commonly prescribed drug being recalled in 22 countries? Authorities learned that certain batches of an active ingredient are tainted with a possibly carcinogenic chemical.

Medicine July 7, 2018

Rare Outbreak: Knox County Investigation On E.coli Outbreak Finds 2 Separate Sources

What caused the cluster of E.coli cases that sickened 15 children last June? Investigations revealed that the cases were actually from two different E.coli strains that affected children at the same time.

Public Health July 7, 2018

Hawaii First State To Ban Sunscreens With Coral Reef-Harming Ingredients

Some groups praise Hawaii's move to ban sunscreens with coral reef-harming chemicals while others criticize it. There are still other ways to protect the skin from UV rays even without such products.

Earth/Environment July 7, 2018

4-Year-Old Takes First Independent Steps After Spine Surgery: What Is Cerebral Palsy?

A young girl just took her first steps weeks after a spinal surgery to help her be more mobile even with cerebral palsy. What Maya has is the most common motor disability among children.

Medicine July 6, 2018

Colorado Woman Rescues Baby Raccoon, Exposes 21 People To Rabies

A Weld County woman's rescue of a baby raccoon turned into the largest rabies exposure case in the county. Authorities advise the public to stay away from wildlife, even if they appear to have been abandoned.

Public Health July 6, 2018

Rhino Poachers Believed To Be Eaten By Lions At Nature Reserve In South Africa

The human remains discovered at a South African nature reserve are believed to be the bodies of poachers who attempted to kill rhinos. Rhino poaching for horns remains to be a major wildlife issue in South Africa.

Animals July 6, 2018

110-Year Anniversary: Tunguska Impact Event Remains A Mystery After A Century

What really caused the Tunguska event 110 years ago? Scientists believe it might have been a near-surface space rock explosion or an icy asteroid impact, but the answer remains a mystery.

Space July 1, 2018

Swimmers Beware: CDC Warns Of Waterborne Diseases This July

Most of the recorded outbreaks associated with untreated recreational waters evidently occurred between June and August. What can swimmers do to reduce the risks of pathogen transmission?

Public Health July 1, 2018

Study Finds That People Wash Their Hands Incorrectly Most Of The Time: How To Wash The Hands Properly

What's the necessary amount of time for proper hand washing? If in doubt, sing two "Happy Birthday" songs from start to finish while lathering the hands with soap and water.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 1, 2018

Majority Of Supermarket Meat Contaminated With Superbugs: Report

A new report states that nearly 80 percent of raw meats in supermarkets are contaminated with superbugs. What can consumers do to stop the spread of such bacteria?

Public Health June 30, 2018

FDA Approves Cloth Drug That Combats Excessive Armpit Sweating

A drug-infused cloth that can prevent the activation of sweat glands has been approved by the FDA as a drug to combat excessive armpit sweating. It only needs to be wiped on the skin once a day.

Medicine June 30, 2018

California Doctor On Probation For Exempting 2-Year-Old From Vaccines

A California doctor is now facing 35 months of probation as a result of a vaccine exemption note he wrote four years ago. Why did he write the note in the first place?

Medicine June 30, 2018

Teen Girl Declared Brain Dead 5 Years Ago Dies After Surgery

Jahi McMath has died after years of being at the center of a brain death debate. Her ordeal began almost five years ago and she has even sparked the 'Jahi McMath Effect.'

Medicine June 29, 2018

Two Young Siblings Diagnosed With Brain Tumor Just Weeks Apart, What Is Medulloblastoma?

Four-year-old Noah Avery was diagnosed with medulloblastoma just days after his sister had an operation to remove the same type of tumor. What could have caused this twin diagnosis?

Medicine June 29, 2018

New Study Shows How Truly Earth-Like Two Exoplanets May Be Because Of Axial Tilt

Researchers believe that Kepler-186f and 62f may be truly Earth-like in that they also have relatively stable axial tilts. What does this mean for the exoplanets' probability to host life?

Space June 28, 2018

NASA's OMG Campaign Solves Greenland Side-By-Side Glacier Puzzle

Tracy and Heilprin are Greenland glaciers that sit on the same gulf and experience the same weather and water conditions. Why then are they melting at significantly different rates?

Earth/Environment June 24, 2018

Tularemia Confirmed In Dead Rabbit In Colorado, What's The Threat?

A rabbit found in Colorado was confirmed to have died from tularemia. It is the first case of the disease in the state this year, and the first case of the disease in the county since 2015.

Public Health June 24, 2018

Cruise Ship Stops In Alaska Due To A Gastrointestinal Illness Outbreak On-Board: CDC

A cruise ship bound for Alaska had an extended dock at Juneau because of over 70 reports of an outbreak that's causing diarrhea and vomiting among crew and guests. Is it a case of a norovirus outbreak?

Public Health June 24, 2018

Belmont Park Worker's Death Possibly Caused By Rare Hantavirus, Should Visitors Worry?

The death of a Belmont Park worker is suspected to be caused by the rare hantavirus. The New York Racing Association assures the public that the incident will not affect public visiting at the park.

Public Health June 23, 2018

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