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Hungarian Taxi Drivers Demand Shutdown Of Uber

Taxi drivers in Hungary have taken to the streets to protest Uber, blocking traffic and saying that they will not move until the Uber app can no longer be downloaded in the country.

Apps/Software January 18, 2016

Adidas' PureControl Cleats Use Phone Case Tech To Ditch Laces

Adidas has turned to the same technology used in phone cases for its new PureControl cleats, which are designed to fit tightly despite not having any laces.

Wearable Tech January 18, 2016

Own Amazon Echo? Have Alexa Read Out Kindle Books In Your Library

Amazon has announced a new feature for the Echo that will enable the device to read books out loud. The books have to be in the user's library, and will be read using the same text-to-speech engine Alexa uses to read other things.

Gadgets January 18, 2016

Get A Free Google Chromecast For Using Android Pay 10 Times

Google is offering a new promotion in which users will get a free Google Chromecast for simply using Android Pay 10 times. Users will have to be located in the United States, and will have to space their purchases at least 5 minutes apart.

Gadgets January 18, 2016

Facebook Is Building A Web Browser So You Never Have To Leave The Facebook App

Facebook has begun building a new web browser feature to its app with the goal of ensuring users will never have to actually leave the app. The company allegedly rolled out the update to some users already.

Apps/Software January 18, 2016

Baby Born With Microcephaly In Hawaii Is The First Confirmed Zika Virus Case In The US

A baby recently born in Hawaii with microcephaly has been confirmed to have the Zika virus. This marks the first case in which the Zika virus has been observed in the U.S.

Life January 18, 2016

Wineries In Napa Are Using Submarine Tech For Wine Fermentation

The Palmaz Vineyards in Napa, Calif. have begun using a new system that was designed for submarines that is able to measure vibrations in the wine at the molecular level.

Gadgets January 15, 2016

Bitcoin Developer Mike Hearn Calls Digital Currency A Failure: Is Bitcoin Really Dead?

Major Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn has published a highly controversial post on Medium saying that the currency is finally dead. Just how dead is it?

Money January 15, 2016

The Nadi Yoga Pants Correct Your Yoga Positions Using Haptic Feedback

Ben Moir and Billie Whitehouse from Wearable Experiments have designed a new pair of yoga pants that correct the user's yoga positions using small vibrations in the pants.

Gadgets January 15, 2016

This Clothes Hanger Dries Your Clothes In A Matter Of Minutes

Thanko has developed a clothes hanger that is also able to send bursts of warm air into the clothing, drying it in a matter of a few minutes.

Gadgets January 15, 2016

Report: Uber Doesn't Contribute To Traffic Congestion In New York City After All

According to a recent report, Uber doesn't lead to a higher level of traffic congestion, at least in New York City. The report was ordered after a disagreement between Uber and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Apps/Software January 15, 2016

College Senior Builds Laser Shotgun Because He Can

A college senior by the name of Drake Anthony has built what he calls a laser shotgun, just because he can. The laser is 40 watts, and is the most powerful that Anthony, a YouTube laser authority, has made.

Gadgets January 15, 2016

The DoubleNest LED Hammock Has Reading Lights And Its Own Inflatable Mattress

Are hammocks a little too uncomfortable for you? You need the new DoubleNest LED hammock by Eagles Nest Outfitters. The hammock takes things to a new level with a string of LED lights and there's even an inflatable mattress designed to fit inside it.

Gadgets January 15, 2016

Amazon Has Registered To Ship Packages From China To The US By Sea

Amazon has registered to be able to operate as a freight forwarder, essentially meaning that the company can now ship packages from China to the U.S. on its own, without having to rely on other shipping companies.

Business January 14, 2016

This Standing Desk Is Made Of Cardboard And Only Costs $25

A lot of research has been put into the benefits of standing desks, but they still tend to be pretty expensive. Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Hootsuite, has come up with a cheaper alternative.

Gadgets January 14, 2016

The 'George W. Bush' Wikipedia Page Is The Most Edited Of All Time

In celebration of its 15th birthday, the Wikimedia Foundation has analyzed all 15 million of its English entries, finding that the most-edited entry ever was that of George W. Bush.

Internet January 14, 2016

NASA Announces New Round Of Commercial ISS Resupply Mission Contracts

NASA has announced a new round of contracts with companies slated to conduct missions for International Space Station resupply. Orbital ATK, Sierra Nevada, and SpaceX were all awarded contracts for a minimum of six missions each.

FUTURE TECH January 14, 2016

Virgin Galactic Unveils Fashionable New Flight Suits

Virgin Galactic has unveiled a new flight suit ahead of the unveiling of its latest space ship. These suits, however, don't look like your average Virgin products and feature a classy black look rather than the expected red and purple.

FUTURE TECH January 14, 2016

The AirMule Military Drone Is A Huge Air Ambulance

A military drone called the AirMule is being developed by an Israeli company with the hopes that it could eventually be used for things like civilian rescue in war zones.

FUTURE TECH January 14, 2016

Korg Announces The Minilogue, A Fully-Featured Synth At An Entry-Level Price

Korg has announced a new synth in its lineup called the Minilogue. The minilogue offers a range of professional features, however, those aren't as much its selling point so much as its price.

Gadgets January 14, 2016

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