Cheerleading Said Safest School Sport, But Injuries Can Be Severe When They Happen

As cheerleading become more competitive and athletic, injuries can be more serious, researchers say. However, it is still among the safest of school sporting activities.

Life December 11, 2015

Researchers Teach A Computer To Learn Like Humans Do

An algorithm allows a computer to learn about a class of objects after seeing just one example. The technique mimics how the human brain can learn from even limited data, researchers say.

December 11, 2015

NASA Releases New Photo Of Saturn's Moon Titan In Blue-Green Glory

A composite image of Titan in false colors of infrared wavelengths shows surface features normally hidden beneath a hazy atmosphere. The image offers a new glimpse of the solar system's second-largest moon.

December 11, 2015

In A Veterinary First, Seven Puppies Conceived Through In Vitro Fertilization Are Born

IFV births in dogs, which has eluded researchers for decades, has been accomplished in Cornell University labs. The technique could prove useful in wildlife conservation, helping save endangered species of wild dogs, wolves and foxes, researchers say.

December 10, 2015

Plant Growth Not Keeping Up With CO2 Rise, Dimming Hopes Of Climate Change Mitigation

Despite availability of increased carbon dioxide plants need to grow, increases in global plant growth are lower than predicted. That suggests climate models assuming help from plants in lessening climate change need reevaluation, researchers say.

Earth/Environment December 10, 2015

Supercomputer Yields Beautiful Peek Inside A Spinning Star (Video)

Researchers created a visual model of the turbulent swirling within a hot, young and spinning star. The model can help us understand the relationship between stars' ages, spins and their magnetic fields, they say.

Space December 10, 2015

Ultrasound Could Be Newest Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer

Researchers say nanobubbles of cancer drugs can be 'popped' directly inside tumors using ultrasound in an effort to combat cancer of the liver. The finding offers the possibility of new treatment for the approximately 35,000 cases of liver cancer diagnosed annually.

Life December 10, 2015

Two Groups Now Have Launch Plans To Put First Private Robot On The Moon

U.S. and Israeli firms have both secured launch commitments in their pursuit of a $30 million prize to put a commercial lander on the moon. Other teams in the competition have until the end of 2016 to arrange their own launches.

Space December 9, 2015

Amazing Image Shows How Dolphins 'See' A Person Using Echolocation

Researchers use special equipment to turn dolphin sounds into an image of what the marine mammals can detect. The creatures may even be able to share what they 'see' with other dolphins using their language of clicks and squeaks, researchers suggest.

December 9, 2015

England's Stonehenge First Built In Wales, Moved Later, Study Suggests

Identification of a quarry in Wales where stones were cut suggests they may have first been used to construct the monument there, researchers say. The stones were quarried 500 years before Stonehenge was built, suggesting initial use in Wales before they were moved to England.

December 9, 2015

Australia Threatens Legal Action Over Japan's Resumption Of Antarctic Whaling

Australia threatens to take Japan to court over its plans to once again hunt whales in the Southern Ocean. Commercial whaling has been banned since 1986; Japan says it conducts 'scientific whaling' under an exemption to that ban.

December 8, 2015

Japanese Spacecraft's Second Try At Venus After 5 Years Adrift In Space

The Akatsuki space probe, drifting in space since 2010, successfully enters orbit around Venus. An engine malfunction caused its first try 5 years ago to go awry.

Space December 8, 2015

Beijing Issues First Ever Red Alert For Pollution Levels

Days of heavy smog prompt the issuing of China's highest level of pollution alert. Schools and factories will be closed and driving in the city is set to be curtailed, officials announce.

Earth/Environment December 8, 2015

Living With Partner Found Good For Women's Emotional Health, With Or Without Wedding Ring

Living together can bring the same emotional benefits as being married, a study suggests. The findings suggest changes in U.S. attitudes, researchers say.

Society December 8, 2015

Climate Change Didn't Cause Disappearance Of Vikings From Greenland, Study Says

Research throws doubt on belief warm climate allowed Viking to settle in Greenland and then colder climate drove them out. Analysis suggests climate was the same at the beginning and at the end of the settlement period.

Earth/Environment December 8, 2015

Hubble And Spitzer Space Telescopes Make 'Tag-Team' Discovery Of Farthest, Faintest Galaxy

A discovery could yield a new understanding of the formation of the universe's earliest galaxies, astronomers say. The galaxy is seen as it existed 13.8 billion years ago.

Space December 6, 2015

Diabetes Can Put You At Greater Risk Of Tooth Loss, Data Shows

Type 2 diabetes sufferers are twice as likely to lose teeth as nondiabetics, an analysis of health data shows. African-Americans with diabetes are at even greater risk, researchers say.

Life December 6, 2015

Space Probe Launched To Search For Gravity Waves Predicted By Einstein

A European spacecraft launched into orbit to hunt for gravitational waves was predicted a century ago. Elusive ripples in space-time were predicted by Albert Einstein.

December 6, 2015

Poor Protection Of Habitats Puts Migratory Birds At Risk In Their Journeys, Study Finds

International collaboration on protection efforts are needed for migratory birds that cross borders on their migrations, a study suggests. Ninety percent of the world's migratory species are inadequately protected, researchers say.

December 4, 2015

Visual Stress Could Be Sign Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Study Finds

Discomfort and visual distortion when viewing certain patterns could be a symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, researchers say. The findings of their study could help in identifying the hard-to-diagnose condition.

Life November 30, 2015

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