Astronomers Struggle To Explain 'Pandemonium' Of Orbits of Pluto's Tiny Moons

The behavior of tiny moons in orbit around the dwarf planet puzzles astronomers. Data from a New Horizons mission shows they orbit in a way not seen anywhere else in the solar system, astronomers say.

Space November 11, 2015

Martian Moon Slowly Being Ripped Apart By The Red Planet

Phobos, a tiny moon orbiting Mars, is slowly cracking up and could disappear entirely in millions of years, scientists say. Already almost shattered by an ancient cosmic impact, the fragile moon is slowly breaking up under the stress of Mars' gravity.

Space November 10, 2015

Modern-Day 'Indiana Jones' Using Satellites To Find, Protect Ancient Sites Wins $1 Million Science Prize

Sarah Parcak wins a TED prize grant for her work using satellite imagery to locate hidden ancient archaeology sites. The technology also is being used to help combat looting at such sites.

November 10, 2015

Greenhouse Gases In Atmosphere Reach All-Time Record High

A United Nations weather agency says CO2 reached record levels in 2014. Sustained greenhouse gas levels above 400 ppm could create long-term disruptions of our planet's climate, experts warn.

Earth/Environment November 10, 2015

Volcanoes May Be Erupting On Pluto, But These Volcanoes Are Spewing Ice

The New Horizons spacecraft sends back images of mountains on Pluto that may be ice volcanoes, NASA says. Circular mountains near the dwarf planet's south pole show crater-like central depressions, scientists say.

Space November 10, 2015

Climate Change Could Push 100 Million People Into Extreme Poverty In Coming Years, Experts Warn

World action on climate change is needed if millions are to be saved from poverty, a World Bank report says. Climate change and global warming are deemed a 'significant obstacle' to eliminating poverty.

Earth/Environment November 9, 2015

One Of The Oldest Trees In Europe Is Changing Its Sex After 5,000 Years

An ancient yew tree in a Scottish churchyard is showing signs of a sex change, botanists say. After centuries of being identified as male, it's producing berries on one branch – strictly a female thing.

Animals November 9, 2015

World Health Organization Says Sierra Leone Officially Ebola-Free

After 42 days with no new cases diagnosed, Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free. Crowds held bittersweet celebrations in the country's capital.

Life November 9, 2015

Hubble Gazes Into The Heart Of The Milky Way To Gather Clues About Its Early History

Ancient white dwarf stars in the central bulge of our Milky Way provide clues to how our home galaxy was formed, astronomers say. Dwarf stars are the dim remnants of some of the galaxy's earliest stars, they say.

Space November 8, 2015

Study Finds Link Between Human-Caused Climate Change And Extreme Weather Events

Human activities and greenhouse gas emissions had influence on some extreme weather events in 2014, researchers find. Human-caused climate change has been linked to cyclones, rainfall and heat waves, they say.

Earth/Environment November 6, 2015

Fossil Of Winged Raptor Dinosaur - With Feathers - Is Biggest Ever Found

A winged raptor 17 feet long would have been just as agile and vicious as smaller Velociraptors, paleontologists say. The Dakotaraptor was named for its discovery in fossil-rich deposits in South Dakota.

November 6, 2015

Junk Food And Sweet Sodas Not The Reasons Americans Are Fat, Study Finds

Fat people and skinny people eat about the same amount of junk food, a study finds. Researchers say targeting junk food as the main culprit in obesity in America misses other important factors, such as lack of exercise and insufficient healthy foods in the average diet.

Life November 6, 2015

Life On Mars Lost Its Chance To Get Started When The Sun 'Stole' Its Atmosphere, Scientists Say

Solar wind stripped Mars of most of its atmosphere billions of years ago, a NASA mission determined. The loss of its carbon dioxide atmosphere ended a warm and wet environment that could have supported life, scientists say.

Space November 6, 2015

Dreaming Of Being An Astronaut? Update That Resume; NASA Is Accepting Applications

The space agency will open a 20-month application window starting Dec. 21. A new class of astronauts could include the first crew for a mission to Mars, NASA says.

Space November 5, 2015

Pacific Northwest Earthquake Overdue, Say Scientists Mapping The Region's Tectonic Plates

Scientists gather data on the Earth's mantle beneath the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate. An earthquake along the plate boundary would threaten Portland, Seattle and other regional cities.

Animals November 5, 2015

Anti-Vaccination Websites Use 'Distorted' Science To Push Their Case, Study Finds

Two-thirds of anti-vax websites present information presented as scientific evidence that is not backed up by research, a study found. When some sites cited published studies, the findings were often misrepresented or misinterpreted, the study author said.

Life November 5, 2015

Sixty Percent Of Americans Now On Some Type Of Prescription Drug, Highest Level Ever

More U.S. adults are taking prescription medications than ever before, a study finds. Some adults are taking five or more drugs, with obesity seen as major factor in the increased number of Americans on prescribed medications.

Life November 5, 2015

Climate Change May Put Many Of Hawaii's Unique Bird Species At Risk

Birds of Hawaii's forests could face habitat loss and more disease as climate change warms their mountain homes, researchers say. Unique species face ongoing threats, a study finds.

November 4, 2015

Mars Has Had Rock-Eating Acid Fog Rolling Over Its Surface, Scientists Find

Earth may have its acid rain, but Mars has weird weather of its own - acid fog. Data from NASA rover shows rocks were eroded by such corrosive fog.

Space November 4, 2015

West Nile Virus Decimating US Birds, Killing Millions More Than Thought, Study Finds

The virus that can kill both birds and people is having an effect on many more kinds of birds than had been thought, researchers say. One species has lost 15 million birds to the disease, they say.

Animals November 4, 2015

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