Antarctic Glaciers' Melting Said Near 'Unstoppable' Point, Threatening Sea Level Rise

The melting of glaciers may have reached a tipping point affecting all of the West Antarctic ice sheet, study finds. There is sufficient ice there to raise sea levels around the world by 10 feet, researchers say.

November 4, 2015

Feeling Depressed? Blame That Hour Of Daylight You 'Lost' By Setting Your Clocks Back

The end of daylight saving time can throw some people into a winter depression, known as seasonal affective disorder. Some 10 million Americans wrestle with the problem, experts say.

Life November 3, 2015

Invasive, Destructive Asian Carp Edging Ever Closer To Lake Michigan

An invasive fish that can destroy the habitat of native species and outcompete them for food is getting closer to the Great Lakes, experts say. If they get there, they could threaten the lakes' fishing industry, which is worth billions, they add.

Earth/Environment November 3, 2015

It's A Micro Mollusk: Scientists Discover The World's Tiniest Snail

A tiny snail from Borneo is the smallest ever found, smaller than a period on a printed page. Identifying the shells in the wild required a microscope, researchers say.

November 3, 2015

Computer Game May Help Older Adults Fend Off Memory Loss

Digital board game helps older adults with memory loss in tasks needed for successful independent living, researchers say. The kind of memory that weakens with age can be improved with Virtual Week computer game.

Life November 2, 2015

Spiral Arms Around Young Stars Could Be Hiding Giant Planets, Astronomers Say

The disk of dust and gas around two distant stars may be showing signs of giant planets in orbit. Astronomers focused on two distant young stars, SAO 206462 and MWC 758, both of which have surrounding disks that have been pulled or stretched into distinctive spiral shapes.

Space November 2, 2015

Association Found Between Excessive TV Watching And Leading Causes Of Death In US

Older adults who watch a lot of TV have a higher risk of dying from causes such as heart disease, cancer and other conditions, a study suggests. More than three hours TV a day can raise risk by 15 percent, researchers say.

Life October 31, 2015

Russia Has All-Female Crew Practicing For Mission To The Moon

Six women will spend eight days in a mock spacecraft to test the physical and psychological aspects of a moon mission. The all-female crew will conduct experiments during the practice mission.

Space October 30, 2015

Climate Change Blamed For Collapse of Iconic New England Cod Populations

Warming ocean waters off Maine are pushing populations of the iconic fish near to collapse, researchers say. Even strict fishing quotas have failed to prevent the decline of the cod.

Earth/Environment October 30, 2015

Our Brains Can Help Us Hear, Not Just See, Distance, Researchers Find

Sight and sound work together to help us estimate distances. Even delays in the arrival of sounds too short for conscious detection may help our eyes in figuring out how far away an event is, researchers say.

October 30, 2015

New Fossil Find Challenges Assumptions About Evolution Of All Great Apes - That's Humans Too

The common ancestor of modern-day great apes - which included us - may have been a smaller creature than previously believed, researchers say. The tiny creature may have weighed just 10 pounds.

Animals October 29, 2015

Pacific Island Nation Of Palau Creates Marine Sanctuary, One Of Largest In The World

Palau to ban most commercial fishing in giant marine sanctuary the size of Spain. Marine reserve will protect thousands of species of fish and hundreds of types of coral, country officials say.

Animals October 29, 2015

Young Stars Found Hanging Out In Older Neighborhood Of Our Galaxy

Young stars have been found in the center of the Milky Way, once thought the home of only older stars. Thought to have exhausted star-making material, the galactic center is apparently still cranking out new stars, astronomers say.

Space October 29, 2015

Massive X-Ray Flare From Black Hole Gives Insights Into The Mysterious Cosmic Objects

Space telescopes caught a supermassive black hole in the act of emitting a flare of X-rays. The observation has given scientists clues to what can happen in regions close to a black hole.

Space October 29, 2015

Comet 67P Update: Molecular Oxygen Detected For The First Time On A Comet

A spacecraft studying Comet 67P makes an unexpected discovery of oxygen. Molecular oxygen in the gas coma surrounding the comet may be older than the solar system, researchers say.

Space October 28, 2015

It's Not Science Fiction: Researchers Make Tractor Beam Using Sound (Video)

Engineers use sound waves to manipulate tiny objects. The feat brings 'Star Trek'-like tractor beams closer to reality.

October 28, 2015

Flavored Tobacco Products Popular With Kids A 'Gateway' To Nicotine Addiction, Researchers Say

Flavored tobacco products that kids smoke, vape or chew are likely leading to subsequent smoking of conventional cigarettes, a USFDA study says. Flavored products are seen as an introductory gateway to nicotine for the 3,200 American kids who try smoking for the first time every day.

Life October 28, 2015

Next 20 Years Could See Africa's Lion Population Drop By Half, Experts Say

Loss of habitat and conflict with humans is causing lion numbers in Africa to dwindle, study finds. Except in managed reserves, numbers are dropping througout much of the continent, conservationists say.

October 27, 2015

Climate Change Could Push Temperatures In Persian Gulf Countries Beyond What Humans Can Endure

A study finds that heat and humidity in the Middle East could reach lethal levels by 2100. Major cities in the region could experience heat waves dangerous for even healthy young adults, researchers say.

Earth/Environment October 27, 2015

DNA Study Of Ancient Alaskan Babies Shows Progress Of Native Americans Into The Continent

DNA lineages of today's Native Americans developed during the long stay of first Americans on the Bering land bridge, researchers say. The first Americans settled there for thousands of years before migrating south, they say.

October 27, 2015

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