'Goblin' Planet In Outer Edge Of Solar System Could Point To Something Bigger

Scientists found a dwarf planet at the outer edge of the Solar System, far beyond Pluto. They believe that it might lead to the discovery of the mysterious Planet X.

Science October 3, 2018

NASA Unveils '60 Years In 60 Seconds' Video To Celebrate Its 60th Anniversary

On Monday, NASA celebrated its 60th anniversary with a video highlighting milestones such as the first man on the moon. Jim Bridenstine also addressed the future of the space agency.

Science October 3, 2018

Scientists Want To Use Gene Editing To Turn Wild 'Groundcherry' Into The Next Strawberry

Researchers published a study proposing the use of CRISPR gene-editing tool to make ground cherries, an orphan plant, ready for the supermarket. Breeding plants for large-scale farming usually take a decade to thousands of years.

Science October 3, 2018

The World's Most Endangered Tribe Survives In The Shrinking Amazon On Armadillos, Honey, And Nuts

The October 2018 issue of the National Geographic features photos of the Awa tribe, one of the last 'uncontacted' tribes of the Amazon. Unfortunately, the tribe is threatened by bandits and illegal loggers.

Science October 2, 2018

Researchers Identity Areas Of The Universe Where Dark Matter Might Be Found

Researchers from Japan, Taiwan, and the United States created a cosmic map of dark matter using the Hyper Suprime-Cam. The map was inferred from the distortion of galaxies created by gravitational lensing.

Science October 4, 2018

Doggie Smarts Are 'Not Exceptional' According To New Research

Researchers who reviewed existing studies on dog cognition were not impressed. They found that other animals (including domestic animals, social animals, and carnivorans) have proven to be as smart or even smarter than dogs.

Science October 3, 2018

Scientists Are Making And Selling Artificial Martian Dirt For $20 Per Kilogram

The University of Central Florida created dirt that closely resembles the one on the surface of Mars using data collected by NASA's Curiosity rover. Moon and asteroid dirt are also available.

Science October 1, 2018

Spooky Skull-Shaped Dead Comet To Zip Past Earth This Halloween

The comet shaped like a human skull will once again make a close flyby to Earth this coming November. Its first observed near encounter with Earth happened in 2015 on Halloween day.

Science October 1, 2018

NASA Releases Roadmap For New And Sustainable Lunar Missions

NASA published a 21-page roadmap that details the space agency's space exploration plans for the next two decades. The report is in line with U.S. President Trump's directive to return to the moon.

Science September 29, 2018

Warm Ocean Waters May Be Responsible For Increased Hurricane Activity During 2017

A new study by NOAA revealed that the increasing temperature of the water in the Atlantic Ocean is responsible for the formation of six major hurricanes last year. Experts warned about more frequent major hurricanes in the future.

Science September 28, 2018

Banned Chemical Pollutant Threatens World's Killer Whale Populations

It was over 40 years ago when the first efforts to ban PCBs were initiated. Still, the banned chemical continues its deadly threat, especially among killer whales.

Science September 28, 2018

Massive Dinosaur Discovered In South Africa Named 'Giant Thunderclap At Dawn'

Scientists have unearthed a new dinosaur species in South Africa that is a relative of the brontosaurus. The massive ancient animal has been named Ledumahadi mafube, which means 'giant thunderclap at dawn.'

Science September 28, 2018

Scientists Narrow Down Possible Origins Of Mysterious Cigar-Shaped Space Rock 'Oumuamua

Astronomers believe that they have found the home star system of 'Oumuamua, the comet that visited the Solar System last year. They have pinned down four possible dwarf stars based on data collected by Gaia.

Science September 28, 2018

Manta Rays Use Unique Filtration Method That Could Be Used To Clean Oceans

Researchers figured out how manta rays are able to filter planktons and small fishes from a huge amount of water. The findings can be used to create filtration systems that can clean up microplastics from the ocean.

Science September 27, 2018

Mars Orbiter HiRISE Sends Back Photo Of Opportunity Rover Covered In Dust

Opportunity can be seen as a black dot in the photo captured using the HiRISE. The 15-year-old rover has been silent since the Red Planet was engulfed in a red haze caused by a dust storm.

Science September 27, 2018

Researchers Point To Common Weedkiller As Cause For Dying Honeybees

Researchers from The University of Texas found that glyphosate might be contributing to the decline of bee population in the United States. During a test, they found that the herbicide in popular weedkillers can interfere with the honeybees' gut microbiome.

Science September 27, 2018

Mathematician Claims He Has Solved 160-Year-Old Math Problem: What Is The Riemann Hypothesis?

Has Sir Michael Atiyah from the University of Edinburgh discovered the proof of the 160-year-old Riemann Hypothesis? In a recent presentation, he revealed a solution to the old puzzle worth $1 million.

Science September 26, 2018

Human Activity Partly Responsible For Wobble Detected As Planet Earth Spins

According to a new study by NASA, the Earth has drifted about 10 meters from its axis in the past century. Scientists blamed global warming, causing a redistribution of weight on the surface of the planet, as a primary source.

Science September 25, 2018

Ancient Mars Had Right Conditions To Support Underground Life

A new study proposed that life might have existed underneath the surface of Mars. Researchers from Brown University claimed that the hydrogen from water molecules might have allowed microbes to thrive for billions of years.

Science September 25, 2018

The SpaceX Mars Base Will Become A Reality In 10 Years, Elon Musk Says

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that Mars Base Alpha will be built by 2028. This gives SpaceX 10 years to test the BFR rocket, send supplies to the Red Planet, and transport humans who will construct the man-made structures.

Science September 25, 2018

Home & City Interactive Tool Shows People How NASA Tech Affects Everyday Lives

NASA launched a web app that showcases how space research has contributed to making the lives of the average American better. Over 130 spinoff technologies in the app were developed by the space agency or its partners.

Science September 25, 2018

Newfound Galileo Galilei Letter Shows He Toned Down Some Ideas To Avoid Church Inquisition

A letter, which has long been thought by historians as lost, was found misdated in the library of the Royal Society. In it, Galileo Galilei discussed the heliocentric model of the solar system that got him in trouble with the Catholic Church.

Science September 24, 2018

Highly Hazardous Katla Volcano In Iceland Ready To Erupt

The Katla volcano in Iceland is preparing to erupt for the first time since 1918. Scientists are concerned that an explosion of the highly hazardous volcano will be worse than the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption in 2010.

Science September 24, 2018

Bizarre-Looking Gulper Eel Caught On Camera By Research Vessel

The Exploration Vessel Nautilus captured a video of a gulper eel on the seafloor of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in Hawaii. Excited researchers laughed and cheered as the fish expand and deflate like a balloon.

Science September 23, 2018

Prominent Cornell University Food Researcher Resigns After Academic Misconduct Scandal

The researcher and professor behind the Smarter Lunchrooms Movements, which encourages children to make healthy food choices, has resigned from Cornell University. An investigation found that he engaged in academic misconduct, including manipulating data of his own studies.

Science September 24, 2018

Japanese Spacecraft Sends Down Tiny Robots To Explore Asteroid

JAXA confirmed that Hyabusa2 has deployed the MINERVA-II1 hopping rovers on the surface of Ryugu. Japan has already released the first few photos of the asteroid taken by the rovers upon landing.

Science September 23, 2018

Study Proposes Crazy Plan To 'Prop Up' Antarctica And Save The Planet

A new research looked into building structures around ice sheets in Antarctica to prevent the sea level to rise any further. The idea could prevent a major collapse for a thousand years.

Science September 22, 2018

Scientists Solve The Mystery Of Dickinsonia: The 'Holy Grail' Of Paleontology

A new study confirmed that the Dickinsonia, from the Ediacaran biota, is the earliest confirmed animal that walked the Earth. ANU researchers found cholesterol molecules from fossil unearthed in Russia.

Science September 22, 2018

Mean And Angry Canadian Crabs Are Wreaking Havoc On Coastal Ecosystems

Researchers fear that Canadian green crabs spotted in the waters of the United States might pose a threat to the local ecosystem. The migrants from Nova Scotia are more aggressive than the green crabs of Maine.

Science September 21, 2018

Ecstasy Makes Octopuses More Social And Touchy: Study

How do octopuses react when under the influence of MDMA or ecstasy? Evidently, they react just like humans do, in that they also become more social and touchy.

Science September 21, 2018

Scientists Detect Aftershocks Of Near Miss Between Milky Way And Tiny Galaxy

Gaia, the space observatory of the ESA, found substructures in the Milky Way that was caused by a gravitational disturbance from 300 to 900 million years ago. Scientists hypothesized that this was caused by the Sagittarius Dwarf.

Science September 21, 2018

Cheap Alternative To Lithium Could Be Used In Next Generation Of Batteries

Purdue University researchers said that sodium powder, when used in batteries, could provide a cheaper but equally effective alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Sodium is not as rare as lithium which is only mined in South America.

Science September 20, 2018

Spiders Cover 1,000-Foot-Long Stretch Of Land In Greek Town With Spiderwebs

Residents of Aitoliko, Greece awoke to the sight of spiderwebs covering vegetation right beside a lagoon. Experts say that the scene was created by a type of spider that feeds on the mosquito population in the area.

Science September 20, 2018

Mosquitoes And Other Flying Insects Can Spread Microplastics, Says Study

A new research found that microplastic is eaten by mosquito larva and stay in the insect's body until adulthood. Scientists express concerned that similar flying insects might be helping spread microplastics.

Science September 20, 2018

Scientists Find Mysterious 'White Shark Cafe' Where White Sharks Congregate

A team of researchers followed the great white sharks earlier this year to a patch of open sea in the Pacific. Every winter, the sharks swim toward what is now known as the 'white shark cafe.'

Science September 19, 2018

Scientists Find Real-Life Version Of 'Star Trek' Planet Vulcan

Could a real Spock be hiding in a planet 16 light-years away from Earth? A group of scientists has discovered a super-Earth orbiting a star similar to the Sun and where life can spring and thrive.

Science September 19, 2018

NASA's Planet Hunting TESS Beams Back 'First Light' Image

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS sent back its "first light," the first official photograph captured a few months after launch. The space telescope replaced Kepler which is expected to retire this year.

Science September 19, 2018

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Smoking Weed In Space Is Not A Good Idea

Neil deGrasse Tyson said that it would be dangerous if an astronaut decides to use weed while on a mission in space. In an interview, he also defended Elon Musk.

Science September 18, 2018

The First Private Passenger On SpaceX BFR To The Moon Will Be Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa

Elon Musk revealed that the first private passenger on the SpaceX BFR will be Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. The Zozotown founder will not be alone in the week-long mission though, as he will be bringing along up to eight artists.

Science September 18, 2018

Global Warming Made Hurricane Florence Much Worse

Experts believe that climate change likely made Hurricane Florence more dangerous. According to a senior scientist from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Hurricane Florence brought as much as 50 percent rainfall, compared to if it happened 100 years ago.

Science September 18, 2018

Miner Digs Up 50,000-Year-Old Mummified Wolf Puppy In Canada

A miner discovered the perfectly mummified carcass of a wolf pup in the Yukon region. After radiocarbon dating, researchers found that the animal lived through the Ice Age over 50,000 years ago.

Science September 17, 2018

Elon Musk Teases New Images Of Ambitious BFR Spacecraft On Twitter

SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk tweeted renders of the BIg Falcon Rocket or the BFR that will bring a private passenger on a trip around the Moon. The ship will eventually carry humans to Mars.

Science September 17, 2018

Active Search For 3-Year-Old Orca J50 Ended But Authorities Still On Alert

Has J50 already died? Authorities are growing concerned as she has not been seen for days. The authorities are to remain alert even after the active search has already ended.

Science September 16, 2018

LOOK: Beluga Whale Pod Appears To Adopt Lost Narwhal

A lost narwhal was seen with a beluga whale pod in Canada's St. Lawrence River for the third year in a row. The narwhal was behaving as though he was "one of the boys."

Science September 16, 2018

Japan Space Agency Delays Vital Cargo Launch To Space Station For The Second Time

The launch of the cargo resupply ship from Japan was canceled on Saturday morning because of equipment flaws. The HTV-7 was supposed to deliver batteries, water, and other equipment to the crew onboard the ISS.

Science September 16, 2018

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