Deadly Fungus Forces Ant Zombie 'Death Grip' By Taking Over The Muscles

How does the infamous zombifying fungus make ants do the so-called death grip? Apparently, the fungus does not even affect the victim's brains to do so.


Fear Of Humans Suppresses Predators But Benefits Small Animals

How do humans really affect the wildlife around them? A new study found that even recordings of human voices can alter the behaviors of predators and small animals.


Chimps Bond Exceptionally Well By Watching Movies Together, Says Study

Chimpanzees enjoy movie nights, just like humans. New research revealed that these primates bond well with each other and with humans after watching a film together.

Animals July 17, 2019

Cockroaches Are Rapidly Evolving To Become Invincible: Here’s How Humans Can Fend Them Off

Researchers found that cockroaches are growing more and more resistant to insecticides. So what are humans supposed to do to prevent indestructible roaches from taking over the household?

Animals July 4, 2019

Ancient Teeth Reveal Extinct Vegetarian Relatives Of Crocodiles

Do modern day crocodiles have ancient vegetarian cousins? New research reveals that the apex predators actually have ancestors who preferred to have vegetables in their diets.

Animals July 2, 2019

Cicadas Carry A Zombie Fungus That Transforms Them Into ‘Flying Salt Shakers Of Death’

A new study sheds more light on cicadas, revealing a zombie-like fungus that takes over the bodily functions of these insects. Infected cicadas engage in bizarre behavior, such as constant mating attempts despite the fungus eating at their genitals.

Animals June 26, 2019

The Evolution Of Capuchin Monkeys’ Stone Tools Create An Incredible 3,000-Year Archaeological Record

These monkeys are in the middle of their own Stone Age. In the same way changes in human tools over millennia allowed scientists to trace human evolution, the changes in capuchin monkey tools do the same for these primates.

Animals June 25, 2019

WATCH: Scientists Catch Footage Of Mysterious Giant Squid In The Gulf Of Mexico

A giant squid strikes at a research probe in the deep sea, surprising scientists monitoring the videos. The event marks the first time a giant squid has been caught in video in the United States.

Animals June 24, 2019

Over 500 Critically Endangered Vultures Die From Eating Elephants Poisoned By Poachers

Over 500 vultures died after eating the carcasses of elephants believed to be poisoned by poachers. All of the vulture species involved in the incident are considered critically endangered.

Animals June 22, 2019

Mysterious Whale Skull From The 1980s Confirmed As Narwhal-Beluga Hybrid

After nearly 30 years, the mystery behind the odd-looking whale skull in Denmark has been solved. Evidently, the creature it belonged to was 54 percent beluga and 46 percent narwhal.

Animals June 20, 2019

Shaggy Hyenas Lived, Hunted In The Frigid Arctic During The Last Ice Age

Only a handful of hyena species exist today, but this wasn't always the case. New research found that prehistoric hyenas thrived in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, hunting other animals and crossing continents.

Animals June 19, 2019

Scientists Discover A Protein In The Blood Of Young Mice That Prolongs Life Of Older Mice

Is this the key to immortality? Humans have been searching for the secret to eternal youth since time immemorial and new research reveals that the answer may lie in the blood of the young.

Animals June 17, 2019

Over 200 Dolphin Strandings In Gulf Of Mexico Is Triple The Usual Number, Says NOAA

What could be causing the Unusual Mortality Event affecting dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico? 261 dolphins have stranded since Feb. 1, which is three times higher than the average.

Animals June 16, 2019

Zebra Stripes Used To Regulate Heat, Study Finds

Why do zebras have stripes? Previous research found that it is probably to ward of biting insects, but a new one suggests it could also be helping zebras with thermoregulation.

Animals June 14, 2019

Researchers Introduce New Model That Could Explain Autism

Researchers genetically edited macaque monkeys to study autism in the hopes of developing new treatments for humans. During the experiment, the macaque monkeys exhibited similar behavioral patterns to humans who have the same mutations.

Animals June 13, 2019

Here’s Why Noah’s Ark Isn’t Possible, According To A New Study

A pair of each species isn’t enough to ensure its survival, new research revealed. By conducting experiments on purple sea urchins, scientists found that large populations are important for this species to adapt to changing acidity and climate.

Animals June 12, 2019

American Hunter Tess Talley Who Shot A Giraffe Defends Actions, Says She Is 'Proud To Hunt'

The American hunter whose photo with the giraffe she shot went viral in 2017. She is now defending her actions and her love for hunting.

Animals June 8, 2019

Sloths Get Their Family Tree Rewritten With Surprising Details On Their Strange Evolution

Scientists shake up the sloth family tree with two different studies revealing new and surprising insights about the animal's evolution. It turns out that the origins of modern sloths aren't quite what we thought it were.

Animals June 7, 2019

Bees Are The First Known Insect To Understand The Concept Of Numerical Symbols

Bees are the mathematical geniuses of the insect world. These tiny buzzers can not only do simple arithmetic, but new research said they can also associate symbols to numbers.

Animals June 5, 2019

Octopuses Could Potentially Become The Next Lab Rats

The Marine Biological Laboratory is raising octopuses to be used during scientific experiments. According to scientists, while the sea creatures are alien-looking, they have genes that are similar to humans and other animals.

Animals June 5, 2019

Parasitic Deer Fly Now Spreading Across US Says Study

Researchers found in a new study that four deer fly species now occur in more states and counties across the United States. The blood-sucking parasites carry pathogens that can be transmitted through bites.

Animals June 2, 2019

Punctured Skulls On Saber-Toothed Cats Show They Viciously Fought Each Other With Bone-Penetrating Fangs

Just how vicious were saber-toothed cats? Evidently, the creatures engaged in combat with one another, and could easily puncture bone with their strong, iconic fangs.

Animals May 31, 2019

Proof Of Life: Man Snaps Photo Of Elusive Colombian Weasel For The First Time

The rare Colombian weasel is not extinct after all, as proof of its existence finally emerged. Architect Juan M. de Roux photographed the animal in a bathroom near his house several years ago.

Animals May 31, 2019

Cat Who Played Church In 'Pet Sematary' Suddenly Dies After Movie's Debut

Remember the scowling cat who stole the scenes in the recent film adaptation of the Stephen King classic? Leo, a Maine Coon crossbreed, suddenly died just after the release of the ominous horror movie.

Animals May 31, 2019

WATCH: Video Shows Shark Stalking Unsuspecting Woman Swimming Off Florida Beach

The woman was not aware a shark was following her as she was swimming off the coast of Panama City Beach. She managed to go back to the shore safe and unharmed.

Animals May 30, 2019

Elephant Poaching In Africa Sees A Decline But Animals Remain Threatened

Experts said elephant poaching in Africa declined but the animals still face many threats. However, Botswana, where the largest population of elephants can be found, has reinstated the hunting of elephants.

Animals May 30, 2019

Chimpanzees Spotted Fishing For Crabs May Hold Clues About Human Evolution

A new study from Kyoto University described how mother and child chimpanzees in West Africa engage in freshwater crab-fishing. Researchers believe such behavior can help explain how ancient humans picked up the crabbing skill themselves.

Animals May 30, 2019

Monkeys Use New ‘Eagle’ Calls To Warn Each Other Of Flying Drones

West African green monkeys don't have an alarm call for aerial threats. However, when faced with one, these monkeys learned quickly and used eagle alarm calls that are not a part of their everyday language.

Animals May 29, 2019

Tam, Last Surviving Male Sumatran Rhino In Malaysia Dies

Wildlife experts mourn the loss of Tam, the only remaining male Sumatran rhinoceros in Malaysia. Tam's death is a huge blow to conservation efforts, given that the species is already considered a critically endangered species in the world.

Animals May 28, 2019

Large Rat Snake Discovered Hiding In Texas Walmart Shopping Cart

A Walmart employee got a huge fright after catching a huge rat snake by the parking lot. Luckily, a snake charmer was in the area and helped get rid of the snake.

Animals May 28, 2019

Experimental Fish Skin Graft Saves Life Of Dog With Severe Burns

Stella, a Rottweiler that underwent skin grafting surgery to repair severe burns on her body, is recovering well, according to Michigan veterenarians. The descaled cod skin used to replaced her damaged skin facilitated the growth of new tissue.

Animals May 27, 2019

Florida Woman Nichole Tillman Suffers Serious Injury After She Was Attacked By Alligator In Lake

A large alligator more than 8 feet long attacked a woman swimming in Florida on Saturday, May 25. While the injuries are not life-threatening, officials say that she suffered severe wounds from the gator attack.

Animals May 27, 2019

Rare Albino Panda Spotted At Nature Reserve In China

An all-white giant panda, believed to be an albino, was spotted inside a nature reserve in Sichuan, China. An expert said the existence of the rare albino panda can be attributed to a genetic mutation.

Animals May 27, 2019

Shark Attack Kills California Man Thomas Smiley Who Was Bitten While Swimming Off Maui Coast In Hawaii

Thomas Smiley was unconscious and missing a leg when he was rescued and brought to the shore. He later succumbed to injuries, which authorities thought were likely caused by a tiger shark attack.

Animals May 27, 2019

Tiny Jellyfish Carrying Paralyzing Toxin Invade Jersey Shore, Researchers Warn

Watch out for clinging jellyfish in Jersey Shore in the coming summer months, because this jelly has an especially excruciating sting. Unfortunately, research shows that their populations are increasing worldwide.

Animals May 26, 2019

24-Inch Plastic Hose Found Inside Dead Dolphin

A dolphin that washed ashore in Florida was found to have a 24-inch plastic hose in its stomach. It is the second dolphin with plastic in the stomach found stranded in the area in the past month.

Animals May 26, 2019

10-Year-Old's Leg Torn Off During Shark Attack

A 10-year-old boy's leg was torn off after an attack by what is suspected to be a bull shark. In the United States, Florida had the most unprovoked shark attacks in 2018.

Animals May 25, 2019

Female Crickets More Attracted To Older Crickets But Have Less Sex

Female crickets are evidently more attracted to the older males of the species for mating. However, they end up having less sex than those who choose the younger males.

Animals May 25, 2019

Study Identifies Dog Breeds Most Likely To Bite Children

Researchers have identified the dog breeds that pose the highest risk of biting children. They also found that large dogs with wide and short head tend to bite children.

Animals May 25, 2019

Alpine Marmot Lost Its Genetic Diversity Due To Climate Change

A study on alpine marmots by the Charité Institute of Biochemistry showed why their large populations can coexist even with very low genetic diversity and variation. However, these animals could be more vulnerable to climate change.

Animals May 27, 2019

Baby Birds In Trash Bag Rescued From Portland Dumpster

A nest full of baby birds was discovered inside a plastic trash bag in a dumpster in Portland. Someone had discarded the nest, and the chicks would have died if a passerby did not rescue them.

Animals May 25, 2019

Human Activity Causing Wildlife To Shrink, Larger Animals To Face Extinction

Researchers of a new study find that human activity is causing animals to shrink. Habitat loss, deforestation, and climate change are just some of the impacts of human activity.

Animals May 25, 2019

Study Shows Tiny Short-Lived Fish Bolster Reef Ecosystems

The small cryptobenthic fishes are the cornerstones of a thriving coral reef system. In a new study, researchers found that the creatures provide a steady stream of new generations to be eaten by larger reef animals.

Animals May 24, 2019

Female Egyptian Fruit Bats Trade Morsels Of Food For Sex

Food in exchange for sex? Scientists discovered the behavior is common among Egyptian fruit bats, with females mating with the males that they scrounge food from the most.

Animals May 24, 2019

Rare Dodo Bird Skeleton Up For Auction Estimated To Fetch Over $700,000

A rare dodo skeleton up for auction this week may fetch over $700,000. According to experts, the rare specimen shows what humans are doing to the planet.

Animals May 24, 2019

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